‘Overwatch’ New Hero Is In Development

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Apr 06, 2017 05:42 AM EDT

The popularity of “Overwatch” is at an all-time peak and it does not plan on stopping. To keep the hype going, Jeff Kaplan’s team has to constantly introduce new features and modes to the game. Now, along with the “King’s Row Uprising” event, the preparation of a new playable character has been revealed.

GameRant shares a statement by Jeff Kaplan, the director of “Overwatch”. Kaplan has confirmed that the newest, 25th playable character is not only in production, but has reached an advanced stage of development. The director of “Overwatch” confirmed that he knows who the next playable character will be, what his abilities are and how he will incorporate in team play. Other information surrounding the character in development is that artwork is being drawn for him. Does that mean the new character will be available later this month or sometime in May?

Even though Kaplan has been quite scarce when it comes to information about the new character’s identity, PvPLive has a theory which seems more than plausible. During the last few months, one character has received more hype than any other and was even referenced in Orisa’s story. That character is the infamous villain Doomfist, who players have awaited for a long, long time. Doomfist has been hinted for a long time, with Easter eggs hidden on maps and the story of the three people who have used the weapon and now, he may finally be released.

In unrelated news, Kotaku has shared a glossary of “Overwatch” slang to help the newcomers in the game and the people who feel confused by the storm of words flowing in the chat to find their state of adequacy. Within the glossary, readers will find the answers to eternal gaming questions such as “What Is aimbot?”, “What does hooked mean?” and “Why did that person just instantly locked a character?”. A few other questions have been referenced too, as “GGEZ” being the easiest way to tell people that you lack manners, how “Tilted” means that people concentrate more on the enemy’s behavior than the game and why “Salt” is the basic sustenance of the game’s community.  “Overwatch” is available on PC, PS 4 and XBOX One.

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