'Persona 5' Launch Trailer has Been Released

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Apr 06, 2017 09:16 AM EDT

“Persona 5” has been available in Japan for quite some time already, but now, gamers from all over the world will be capable of experiencing the adventure. The game has been released on all markets and a localized trailer has been released with it, to stir-up the hype furthermore. Here are the most important things every gamer should know, before jumping into the cult JRPG series.

To understand the story of “Persona 5”, players should first know what a Persona is. GameRant shares that according to the game’s story, people wear “masks” in their everyday interactions, which hide their true emotions and personality for the sake of the social norm. By realizing that the mask is there and through ripping it off, people are capable of tapping into their own true Persona and gain powers beyond the normal. This is what happened to a group of high school students, who are now split between two dimensions, two completely different worlds. Now the group of students call themselves “Phantom Thieves” and strife to create a world, where all masks have been torn down.

As beautiful and utopian as the game’s setting may sound, it does not mean there are no troubles and in “Persona 5”, one of the series’ darkest villains is revealed. Kamoshida is one of the villains who the Phantom Thieves have to overcome and he is the depiction of pure evil. Users of GameFaqs describe him as a man with deep-seated sociopathic tendencies, ruthless nature and yet, realistic depiction. The last of which, players have found most frightening and yet, captivating. There is something in this man’s ruthless, murderous plan on world dominance, which makes scary, yet alluring. To understand the concept best, one has to experience the title for himself.

PlaystationLifestyle has shared a statement by Atlus, the developers of “Persona 5”, considering the limitation of streaming options. According to them, the game has a rich and deep story, which players would love to experience for themselves. That is why they have pleaded to streamers of the game to make their streams not longer than 90 minutes and not include story spoilers within the game’s coverage. Atlus have shared that reviewers and streamers are free to talk about the game’s gameplay, graphics, performance and other technical information, but to keep from releasing even tiny spoilers to the game’s story, as it could ruin the experience for fans of the series. “Persona 5” has been released for PS 4 and PS 3, worldwide.

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