‘Destiny: Age Of Triumph’ Guide: How to Defeat All Gorgons In The Gorgon Maze

By Allan , Updated Apr 06, 2017 08:41 PM EDT

In “Destiny: Age of Triumph” live event, one of the challenges that players have to go through is the battle with Gorgons in the Gorgon Maze. These enemies are not only huge but also a big health life and can wipe out a team with just one hit. For that reason, players have to be strategic in their approach which is what this article is all about.

Use the Best Weapons

One of the best weapons in the game are the exotic swords like the Dark-Drinker or Raze-Lighter. These swords come with a special attack (triggered by RB or R2 button) that brings a big damage against the Gorgons. In addition, players should also bring the Memory of Radegast artifact with them as it doesn’t just reflect attacks but also add sword ammo. Its also recommended bringing Heavy ammo to have more refill in each load because they need to wait for five minutes before they can refill again.

Eliminate One Gorgon at a Time

Every hit thrown by the Gorgon is so strong that it can wipe out a whole team in one swing according to Gamerant. For that reason, it is important that “Destiny: Age Of Triumph” players engage with a Gorgon one at a time so timing is crucial. Wait for a time when a Gorgon is separated from the pack before the team moves in and attack.

Using a Nightstalker to get near the Gorgon is a good strategy. It will be easy for him to get near and throw a Smoke grenade that will give the whole team enough cover to defeat the Gorgon. Other players will have a hard time getting near a Gorgon because they will be easily spotted.

Head to the Right then to the Main Area Slowly

As the game starts, the best direction to take is to the right where two Gorgons are in the area according to VG247. The two will eventually separate from each other in the tunnel which is the player’s signal to go in and do their work. From there, head to the main area slowly and defeat the Gorgons one at a time in “Destiny: Age Of Triumph."

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