5 Reasons Why “Paladins: Champions Of The Realm” Is Better Than “Overwatch”

By Allan , Updated Apr 07, 2017 11:40 PM EDT

“Paladins: Champion of the Realm” and “Overwatch” are two games that are constantly being compared to each other today. Many say “Paladins” is a just a copy of the popular “Overwatch” which was disputed by Hi-Rez Studios. So this article is all about pointing out their difference and what makes “Paladin” better than the other.

One of the main difference of “Paladin” from “Overwatch” is the number of players and map allowed in each round. “Overwatch” limits the team to a maximum of three players and one map while the other game allows a full team and different maps to choose from. However, both games are objective-based video games that offer a traditional elimination battle.

One of the unique characters introduced in “Paladins” is Maeve who seems to be a mix of Sombra and Genji according to Gamerant. Her best skills are Midnight and it brings darkness around her, giving her good cover against the opposing team. And this ability is nothing like the skills introduced in “Overwatch”.

Another feature that “Paladin” offers and “Overwatch” don’t is the ability to interchange cosmetics to make their own outfit. Although the choices offer is not as big as “Overwatch”, it gives more freedom for players to customize their characters from head to toe and not just by set.

There is also the PvE mode that is not consistently present in “Overwatch” but is one of the main modes in “Paladin” according to IGN. Although the PvE in “Paladin” still needs some improvement, that doesn’t stop players from enjoying the mode anytime they want. The last time “Overwatch” supported the mode was last Halloween which was last year.

Last but not the least are the weekly challenges of “Paladin” that gives players more reason to play the game and try different heroes in the game. Unlike “Overwatch” that hasn’t released any weekly challenge yet. Although it is possible that Blizzard will put up weekly challenges in the future, just like most games today.

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