‘Persona 5’ Has Reached 1.5 Million Sales Worldwide

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Apr 10, 2017 04:16 AM EDT

“Persona 5” has been available to the Japanese market for over 6 months and now, it has been released to worldwide audiences. The reason behind the delay was a problem with the game’s localization, which set back its release with half a year. Thankfully, this has not discouraged fans from buying the latest title in the series.

Atlus, the developers of “Persona 5” have some good reasons for a celebration. According to GameRant, the latest game in the “Persona” franchise has reached 1.5 million sales worldwide. This news is quite welcomed for the developers, as in Japan, the game has sold less than 200,000 copies. This means that on the world market, they have managed to increase their income sevenfold and more.

According to VGChartz, the re-release of “Persona 4: Gold” has reached over one million sales too. In North America, almost 400,000 copies have been sold, where Japan strikes the same numbers. European gamers have bought 250,000 copies of “Persona 4: Gold” and slightly over 150,000 have been bought in the rest of the world. Even though “Persona” is considered to be a niche title, it manages to reach sales numbers, which many other companies can envy.

Sadly, it is not all sunshine and happiness on Atlus’ social feed. VG24/7 shares that Atlus has released a warning towards gamers who would want to stream their game. A series of guidelines have been released, considering the tone of speech, length of videos, content of videos and much more. The developer claims that the guidelines have been put to protect buyers from spoilers. Atlus claims that the story is a major component of their RPG and it could be ruined by certain reveals. The opposition in the community claims that the guidelines and most of all, the threats of content ID and outright bans are completely redundant since the game has already been out for almost seven moths. They also add that a simple spoiler warning before the beginning of the video should be enough to spare fans disappointment from revealed secrets. For now, Atlus has not shared an official response, neither has there been a change in their streaming policy. “Persona 5” is available on PS3 and PS4, Worldwide.

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