The Division Details: Five Skills Revealed, Available Boroughs to Explore Include Brooklyn and Queens as Well as Manhattan?

By CJ Melendez , Updated Mar 22, 2014 09:56 AM EDT

A report on The Examiner claims to have some new and explosive details for Ubisoft's The Division. Revealed at E3 2013, The Division is a game taking place in an almost post-apocalyptic New York that has suffered from a viral outbreak. No, there will not be mutants, but simply a struggle for control in a chaotic and lawless world.

The Examiner's report has details on The Division's map, unique skills, and some other gameplay aspects of the game. For starters, the game will take place in New York City, but up until now we've only seen shots of Manhattan. According to the report, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens are available on the game's map, but there's no confirmation whether or not players will be able to access them or if they're merely background. My bet is that they will be accessible in some capacity; Manhattan gets all of the spotlight in video games, so it's about time we see something different.

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In terms of gameplay skills, The Division is said to have five unique abilities that will allow players to do a variety of things in combat, whether that expose the position of targets or have a homing device follow them and explode on contact. Two of these abilities can be equipped at a time, allowing teams to have a complete spread of perks. The five abilities are as follows: "Pulse", "Distraction Device", "Indomitable", "Adrenaline Boost", and "Seeker Mine".

-Pulse – emits a radar wave that will mark all targets within a 60 meter radius, through walls and behind objects.

-Distraction Device – a short-range device meant to trick nearby enemies into investigating its sound.

-Indomitable – less direct skill and is said to protect players "from crowd control and prevents the health from going below 1 for the next 3 seconds.”

-Adrenaline Boost – will let players recover an ally's health and stamina by 500 points.

-Seeker Mine – a homing explosive that will pursue a target for up to 10 seconds and deal a massive amount of damage upon contact.

The Division sure looks and sounds like a solid game. The engine demo released two days ago was a pretty sight, and I hope to see and hear more about this game soon.

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