‘Scorpio’ Technical Information Revealed, Boosts XBOX One, XBOX 360 Experience

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Apr 10, 2017 04:24 AM EDT

Project Scorpio has been kept under curtains for a long time. This has created a lot of rumors and insinuations among the expecting community, but now, Microsoft has come out, sharing some important technical details about the console and its capabilities.

 GameRant shares news about Microsoft’s newest console the Project Scorpio. It looks like the developer is coming forward with some big promises, which will be hard to keep. Among the promised features include compatibility with titles for XBOX One and XBOX 360. The console has been built with backwards compatibility in mind and is expected to deliver with the majority of available titles. Another big promise from Microsoft is the increased speed of the HDD. According to them, performance can reach up to a 50 percent improvement, which is more than welcomed by both developers and gamers. The biggest promise related to the Scorpio console is the maximized texture to all available titles. It will not be able to force a 4K resolution on the games, but it will utilize the best possible textures, delivering a heightened experience.

There are good news coming to those, who cannot wait to get their hands on Microsoft’s newest console. According to GameSpot, there is a big chance, that gamers will get access to the console sooner than expected. It may even be as soon as this Weekend and the Ester Holidays. The console’s fanbase is thrilled from the chance to try-out the console this soon. XBOX’s very own Phil Spencer has thanked the community and third party developers for the shown support and has promised a big surprise coming soon. Could the Scorpio really get released this soon?

Out of speculation and into the facts. Those who consider purchasing the Scorpio may want to check out TechRadar’s article on the coming console. It includes a detailed view of the hardware beneath the box and expected features of the console. The highlight of the review is that this is Microsoft’s answer to the race of technology, where everyone strives to obtain the latest technology and give the highest production and stability. The GPU has 40 compute units, which work at 1172MHZ, which makes it the most powerful console to have yet been released, by Microsoft’s claims it should be able to sustain VR and 4K resolution without a problem. An official release date for the Scorpio has not yet been announced.

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