‘Dragon Ball Z’ Fan-Made Game Is Now Available; More Polished Screenpack, Rebalanced Characters Featured

By Ben Lindon , Updated Apr 11, 2017 06:48 AM EDT

"Dragon Ball Z" fans have teamed up to create an updated version of the game with 16-bit characters in 2D fighting style. Furthermore, the "Dragon Ball Z" inspired game has also been launched for free for other fans of the game. The game includes pretty much all characters of the game and is available in European, North American and South American servers.

New Fan-Made MUGEN Title Launched

A "Dragon Ball Z" enthusiast, Ronnie Dieleman unveiled his new version of "Hyper Dragon Ball Z." The game is basically a MUGEN 2D DBZ fighting game. However, contrary to other MUGEN titles, the game comes out polished and features reworked sprites for the "Dragon Ball Z" characters.

In addition, the Champ's Build version of "Hyper Dragon Ball Z" includes updates and re-balances to the existing characters while adding new characters, new stages, and a more polished screenpack, DSO Gaming reported. The build also includes two brand new movelists located in the 'information & movelist' folder.

The 'HyperDBZ- Printable-Movelist' opens with Word or Wordpad allows the gamer to have a hard copy of the movelist while playing the game. The second, 'HyperDBZ - Detailed Movelist' is a folder. The "Dragon Ball Z" inspired game also features the original music themes of WizzyWhipItWonderful.

Note that this version of "Hyper Dragon Ball Z" comes with a respectable roster size. The team behind the game also aims to add Android 18, Gotenks, Krillin, Super Buu and Tienshinhan in the future. Moreover, more stages are also set to come to the game with more updates, bug fixes and balancing tweaks.

"Hyper Dragon Ball Z" Is For Fans, By Fans

Meanwhile, the "Dragon Ball Z" fans known as Team Z2 have been noted as the developers of the game having some know-how when it comes to design. Team Z2 describes "Hyper Dragon Ball Z" as a fighting game from fans to fans, Gamerant reported. The game already has a growing fan base which helps support the team in their hopes for the game.

"Dragon Ball Z" heroes and villains are featured in the game within a 16-bit format compared to the more recent and cel shaded iterations from Bandai Namco. It is also expected that the total fighter count of the game will continue to grow as development progresses. It is further expected that characters from the ongoing Super series will make an appearance in "Hyper Dragon Ball Z."


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