‘Overwatch’, On-Fire Announcements, Insurrection Leaked & New Widowmaker Statuette

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Apr 13, 2017 05:26 AM EDT

There are not many people in the gaming community who do not know what “Overwatch” is. The Blizzard developed MOBA/FPS hybrid has gained a strong reputation among gamers and has received series of “Game of The Year” awards and “Best Multiplayer Title” nominations. It comes as no surprise that the team behind “Overwatch” is working on full steam to deliver new, interesting content to its players. Here are the latest developments in the title.

According to IGN, Playstation France has leaked a trailer of the newest event in “Overwatch”. Even though the trailer was fast pulled from the network, enough information managed to get salveaged from the video. The event’s name is “Insurrection” and it is planned to run from April 11 to May 1. “Insurrection” will offer a new co-op mode set on the “King’s Row” map. Four players will have to fend off against an army of Omnic enemies. For this mode, available characters will be Tracer, Mercy, Reinhardt and Torbjorn. Other changes coming with the “Insurrection” event include new in-game content to be unlocked. New character skins, emotes, poses and more will be added to the game’s pool.

Those who prefer to play the game with music, instead of sound, may have failed to notice a little change. Game Rant reports that a hidden On-Fire announcement change has been made. Until now, players had to check-up on the scoreboard to see when a player has been performing rather well, but now, a voiced announcement has been added for that. This will help establish a better idea of the battlefield, its condition and the places where help is needed, as well as inform who are the best-performing players who surely have to be kept alive at all costs. Even though small, this change has had a significant effect on the quality of gameplay, which has resonated well with the audience over the last month.

In between event releases, Blizzard has put a new Widowmaker statuette on their shop. According to data shared on the Blizzard shop, the statuette is 13.5” from the base to the floor to the head. The base of the statuette is 7.5”. The statuettes are released with a warning that each of them is hand painted, so quality of color may vary between products. When it comes to price, the statuette has been set on $150 a piece, where orders a limited to two statuettes per buyer. Delivery should be expected before the end of Q3, 2017. “Overwatch” is available on PC, PS 4 and XBOX One.

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