‘Outlast 2’ Gameplay Footage Revealed

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Apr 14, 2017 04:30 AM EDT

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Red Barrels Studio’s newest game “Outlast 2”. First, it was banned in Australia, then it was almost immediately re-instated. This happened due to some, as the official statement claims, shocking events happening in the game, which depicted acts of sexual violence. Why was the game re-instated, it is unknown, but now, fans can enjoy a 10 minute video with gameplay footage.

Game Rant shares a 10-minute in-game video of “Outlast 2”. The long awaited sequel to the popular survival horror game has finally arrived and here is a chance to try a little of the game’s crushing atmosphere. Make no mistake, this game has not lost, but only gained more spirit over the development process. To add more spooks to the game, the developers have made sure the establish a peak difference between the original game and its inheritor’s graphics. At moment, a person can get lost, just looking around and admiring the artwork, but do not stay in one place for too long, because danger lurks everywhere and chases you mercilessly.

What is “Outlast 2” all about? Forget the enclosed, small spaces of the asylum and jump into rural towns, big farms and of course, everyone’s favorite cornfields. The game will put the player in a large, open environment, where there will be some freedom of movement. Beware, as every corner hides danger and it is not just the locals that you have to worry about. VG24/7 shares a statement by Red Barrels Studio that “Outlast 2” is a test of faith, which will push players to the limit of their possibilities, until they enter the place, where going insane is the only sane decision left.

Gamepedia’s page dedicated to “Outlast” shares news on the improvements coming to every player’s best friend – the camera. The camera which the protagonist in “Outlast 2” will use will be a modified version of the original “Spatlin” video recorder. This one will offer additional features like zoom and integrated sound detector, both of which will help localize danger before it finds the player. Sadly, just like in the original, the camera’s batteries will drain, which makes the constant use of night vision near impossible.
“Outlast 2” will be released for PC, PS 4 and XBOX One later in 2017.

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