‘Persona 5’ News: Strictly No Spoilers For Kamoshida Boss Fight, Or Else!

By Mia P. , Updated Apr 13, 2017 07:12 AM EDT

"Persona 5" developers have unleashed a statement against providing the gaming community with spoilers. It has specifically been emphasized that Day 7 of Week 7 content from "Persona 5" would be protected by Copyright Infringement laws and as such, no game streaming of the matter should surface on the internet. However, Atlus was previously recognized for allowing spoilers as it gave free advertisement.

No Spoilers of Kamoshida Boss Fight Allowed

It should be noted that gaming journalists are covered by a failsafe called Fair Use. The US Constitution connotes that fair use covers the copying of copyrighted material for a limited and transformative purpose to comment, criticize or parody a copyrighted work.

It is common practice for gamers to stream gaming content that open embargo for streamers with a distinct set of permissions with content. The "Persona 5" developers, however, have made it clear that they would not want events from Day 7 in Week 7 to be shown in a game stream or video, limiting video times at 90 minutes long max spoiling the kamoshida boss fight, Noobfeed reported.

It should be noted that gamers who publish "Persona 5" spoilers past 7/7 will risk being issued a content ID claim. Furthermore, Atlus may also order a channel strike or an account suspension. However, it should be noted that YouTubers and streamers may simply make a dummy account and spoil the game entirely, violating Atlus' conditions to share footage of spoilers.

"Persona" Goes From Inaba to Tokyo

In other news, the "Persona 5" in-game locations have taken inspiration from locations found in the real world. It should be noted that the previous installment of the game was set in a town called "Inaba." As for "Persona 5," gamers are taken to mainstream Tokyo.

"Persona 5" features the major Tokyo locations such as the famous Shibuya Station. It should be noted that the model uses Tokyo's Sangenjaya, west of Shibuya. In "Persona 5," the location is called Yongenjaya. While the "Persona 5" locations are not exact copies of their models, the in-game locations are pretty faithful, Kotaku reported.


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