‘Dark Souls 3’ Has The Funniest Trolls

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Apr 14, 2017 04:44 AM EDT

“Dark Souls 3” and the series, in general, are merciless towards the player. Dangerous NPC, crazy bosses and the always depleting estus flasks make life hard in the land of Lordran, but there is another danger hiding in the shadows, one which only a player with restored humanity can meet – the troll gangs.

Kotaku shares an article on a band of aggressive players, who troll others through teamwork and cooperation. What is so strange about it? Honestly nothing else, but the weapon of choice. A couple of friends, equipped with a Giant Door weapon completely encircle the enemy and bludgeon him to death for the sake of souls and glory. It may sound shocking in text, but the video of the trolls is a perfect example of how funny this game can get. There is something in the mix of the music, attitude and the act itself, which makes seeing people get their skulls crushed with a giant door, or being pushed off a ledge simply hilarious.

GameRant shares another shining example of great and somewhat hilarious trolls. A Twitch streamer by the name of Criken met a friendly player walking about. Both of them greeted each other and then, the friends laid down for a well-deserved nap on the stairs. Little did Cricken know, that it was all an elaborate trap. The moment he laid on the stairs, a horde of archers materialized and brought him down in a manner of seconds. Respect to Criken on staying cool and accepting the troll with just a laugh and the comment that he got played well.

Still, the best example of “Dark Souls 3” trolling done right remains the thornmail crew. It s a group of friends, who are all wearing the thorn mail armor and owning fights with it. The Youtube video of the thornmail gang has been viewed over 2 million times and just gains more popularity. What makes this crew different from other trolls is that in their video they not only have PvP battles, but also use their unique strategy to take on a mimic and even one of the in-game bosses.
“Dark Souls 3” is available on PC, PS4 and XBOX One.

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