‘Diablo 3’ Beta: Check Your Email For Updates

By Ben Lindon , Updated Apr 18, 2017 06:45 AM EDT

"Diablo 3" Necromancer class beta testing will begin soon. The announcement was made by Blizzard.

"Diablo 3" Beta Test Is Coming Worldwide Soon

The "Diablo 3" beta test has come around quite so fast, but it is confirmed to happen soon worldwide. According to reports, the players need to opt-in to the best through their Battle.Net account page that is found on the Beta Profile Settings page when they log in.

"Diablo 3" beta testers, meantime, are reportedly chosen based on their system specs, activity, including other factors like an "element of luck." This means that there is no assurance that the player will get on it even when they opt-in.

Meanwhile, "Diablo 3" beta test features 2.6.0 patch updates, including all the Necromancer abilities and skills. In addition, there will be new Legendary Set items in the beta especially for the Necromancer.

While there is no official beginning or end date revealed yet for the beta, Blizzard is expected to shut their beta tests down one week prior to its full launch. This means an exciting period for the game that has been awaited by the fans to come out with something new, PC Invasion reported.

"Diablo 3" Beta Tests Invites Will Be Sent Worldwide

Invites for the "Diablo 3" Necromancer and patch 2.6.0 beta is rolling out soon as announced by Blizzard. Reports also indicate that the beta includes access to abilities and skills to the Necromancer class, which will be available on Mac and PC.

"Diablo 3" beta test invites will be sent out worldwide to players who opted into beta programs through their Battle.net profiles. However, Blizzard also announced that this does not guarantee an access since the invites are limited and the participants are chosen according to some factors, VG247 reported. Check out "Diablo 3" - Necromancer Beta Test here:


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