'Overwatch': Seasonal Event 'Uprising' Live With New Game Modes And More

By Michael Augustin , Updated Apr 13, 2017 07:09 AM EDT

After being accidently revealed a day ahead of its official launch date, the "Uprising" seasonal event for "Overwatch" has finally hit all three platforms in the form of patch version 2.09. Gamers note that unlike the previous seasonal offerings from Blizzard Entertainment, the new event does not coincide with a real-world holiday or celebration. However, the new event is more of a story-focused activity that allows gamers to experience a little backstory.

The trailer already showcases some game mode changes to the team-based shooter, which includes an altered version of King's Row map. "Uprising" also introduces "Overwatch" players to its new cooperative brawl that pits teams against waves of computer-controlled enemies. Game Rant reports that gamers enjoy two modes of the PVE brawl activity. The first one limits player's selection to Tracer, Torbjorn, Reinhardt and Mercy, while the second allows players to select anyone from the roster.

The new mode for "Uprising" seems to be a tribute to the success of "Junkenstein's Revenge," which was part of the Halloween event last year. The PVE mode slaps on new skins for Tracer and the gang, which reflects their previous outfits when the "Overwatch" team was still active. The seasonal event showcases some story elements that give players a peek at the events that happened seven years before the Omnic Uprising.

A story trailer for the "Uprising" event focuses on Tracer as she joins the "Overwatch" strike team that responds to an Omnic attack in London. The story explains that this would be her first mission for the team. As with any seasonal event, Blizzard Entertainment also gives players new loot boxes and new items to motivate everyone to keep on playing. Reports confirm there are more than 100 cosmetic items earnable from the loot boxes.

The latest "Overwatch" patch also features the latest buff for Lucio and some balance tweaks and fixes. However, several users have also reported that the "Uprising" content update has brought some bugs with it, says Gamenguide. The developers have taken down some of the affected game modes temporarily until a fix comes up.

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