Namco Bandai Teases 'Prepare To Dine'

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Apr 17, 2017 04:37 AM EDT

A teaser trailer with no name has found itself on Youtube. The only distinct feature is the end slogan “Prepare to Die” what does this mean and what is Bandai Namco’s newest project? Here is an analysis of the situation.

Gamespot reports that Bandai Namco has released a secretive trailer about a new project. There is no title connected to the teaser, neither any explanation of what there is to expect. The only explanation given is the slogan revealed in the end of the video “Prepare to Dine”. This is a direct reference to the “Prepare to Die” slogan, which has become a motto of the “Dark Souls” series. This could mean an almost endless amount of possibilities, starting from a new “Souls” side project, a new “Blood-borne” title or something completely different.

GameRant points out, that the dark, gothic aesthetics revealed in the trailer may actually have nothing to do with the “Souls” series. Through the teaser, a few nods towards vampirism and consumption of flesh have been made, which has sent the viewers’ imagination in a different direction. Some of the people who have seen the trailer share that it might be a game based on the “Tokyo Ghoul” franchise, which is a dark manga series about flesh eaters living among the human population. Maybe, after the success of the “Naruto” and “Dragonball” games, Bandai Namco has decided to release a new anime-based franchise.

There still exists another possibility. On the GameFAQ’s forum, a series of users have shown concern about the evasive nature of the trailer. If the studio behind the “Dark Souls” series was involved in this project, they would have been mentioned in it, and by now, there would have been a lot of hype generated around their participation in the project. A concern that Bandai Namco is freeloading on the popularity of “Dark Souls” and promoting products that have nothing to do with the series or its creators has also arisen. Still, it is possible that Bandai Namco is keeping the participation of From Software are a hype generating surprise once the project gets nearer to its  release date. There is no available information on the new Bandai Namco title.

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