The Gaming Industry Bids Farewell To Peter Moore

By Michael Augustin , Updated Apr 18, 2017 06:42 AM EDT

The gaming industry bids farewell to another gaming icon this week as Peter Moore gracefully exits the gaming industry to step into a new field. Moore previously served as the president of SEGA of America, corporate vice-president of Microsoft Interactive Entertainment's business subdivision and the head honcho of EA Sports. It has been reported that the experienced executive will step into the shoes as the CEO of Liverpool Football Club.

Peter Moore left fans and the gaming industry with a farewell video and letter to apparently express his good wishes for the past 18 years of opportunities. He reportedly posted a message on his official Twitter account, but the post has been recently made private. According to Game Rant, his post accounted for the close to two decades he had with the gaming industry. He expressed his appreciation with "I have been fortunate to have borne witness to the amazing growth of this, our wonderful gaming industry."

Sources have also noted that Peter Moore stayed humble despite his previous positions with the industry's gaming giants. He dedicates all credit for the projects, gameplay experiences and products loved by fans to everyone who contributed to its fruition. He apparently clarified that he felt that his position was just as a public face for Microsoft, EA, and SEGA. He mentioned, "I was merely a front man for your brilliant achievements." "The 'suit' that sometimes did goofy, cheesy stunts, and speeches to draw attention to your phenomenally creative talent," he added.

Gamers obviously understand that Peter Moore was a gaming aficionado. Other reports have also recalled the times when he was the target of negative remarks from consumers who were not satisfied with certain products. He being the target of social media remarks was apparently attributed to Moore's enthusiasm. The gaming executive reportedly ended his letter with "I shall miss everything about this industry each day, henceforth."

One of Peter Moore's last few announcements related to the games industry was about EA's FIFA 18 for the Nintendo Switch, reports Gamenguide. Fans of the football game franchise were worried that the Switch version will lack features unlike the versions for other platforms. However, Moore assured fans that the game will have the same features across all platforms, and the Switch version will be "custom-built".

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