‘Titanfall 2’ Update: Patch Increases Gen Cap To 100, 2 Prime Titans Available; DLC For PC, Xbox One, PS4 On April 25

By Mia P. , Updated May 02, 2017 01:47 PM EDT

"Titanfall 2" is slated to get new and free content from this month until June. It is expected that the developer Respawn Entertainment will be releasing an all-new Titan in the high-paced shooter in the very near future. In addition, a new DLC is set to make its way on PC, Xbox One and PS4 on April 25.

New Multiplayer Maps And More Titans Arrive Before June

The "Titanfall 2" developers have confirmed that the first-person shooter will also be getting two more general multiplayer maps, Stevivor reported. In addition, there will also be an additional two Live Fire maps coming into the game. Two new Prime Titans, moreover, will be made available for purchase, Ronin and Ton.

"Titanfall 2" fans are also expected to get a patch soon. The update is expected to increase the gen cap of the game to 100 and add a new Faction. Respawn Entertainment also revealed that there will be more pilot executions and more refinements to matchmaking like estimated wait time. There will also be more purchasable skins and camos in the store. The "Titanfall 2" Patch is further expected to roll out with an expanded Private Match which will include Live Fire and Coliseum to the selectable modes.

Free Expansion Includes New Map

In other news, the latest free expansion for "Titanfall 2: A Glitch in the Frontier" has been confirmed to arrive on all gaming platforms. The expansion will include a new map called the Glitch which is a medium-sized map for objective modes. EA revealed that the new stage will feature vertical drops as well as long twisting paths for chaining together long wall runs and for seamlessly gliding across the map.

The "Titanfall 2" expansion will also bring the Marked for Death mode in the game, Gamespot reported. In the mode, each team will have a single player with a target on the back and all from the opposing team will aim to kill that member for a point. The other gamers defend their marked comrade while attacking their opposing squad.


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