Project Scorpio's Price Possibly Revealed

By Michael Augustin , Updated Apr 23, 2017 04:10 AM EDT

Since its announcement and succeeding reveal of its official specifications, Microsoft's Project Scorpio has left fans wondering about its price point. Given the impressive hardware details that claim to support true 4K gaming, fans have started to speculate a premium price range for the new flagship console. Although gamers would have to wait until the systems E3 press conference for the official price, a recent retailer leak reportedly published the Scorpio's price online.

According to reports, the leak was shared through social media about a Spanish website called XtraLife, which has posted the Project Scorpio on their page with a price of 399.99 Euros, reports Game Rant. Given if the published price is accurate, it would mean that the Microsoft console would cost and estimated $399.99 in the US. However, analysts point out that it's a common practice for retailers to make use of placeholder prices for upcoming items.

Based on the knowledge that the official price has not yet been revealed by the manufacturer, consumers are advised to be wary of any posted amounts online. On the other hand, if the leaked price is indeed accurate, it would most certainly catch a lot of consumers off guard. The Project Scorpio's price would definitely shock the gaming industry since several analysts have predicted that the system would cost around $500 minimum.

The speculated price suggested by market analysts has taken into account Project Scorpio's official hardware specifications, together with its claims to handle 4K resolution gaming with ease. Meanwhile, if Microsoft does market the Scorpio with a $399.99 MSRP it will hold a big advantage over the other existing platforms currently available in the gaming market. As of now, Sony's PlayStation 4 has dominated sales every month over the Xbox One.

Other than its official retail price, Microsoft has already shared the final hardware details of the Project Scorpio. Additionally, a recent report from Gamenguide also notes that the company has officially shared pictures and hardware specifications of the Scorpio's dev kit. Microsoft does not currently have many exclusives that could attract gamers, so it would be best if they could also get more developers on board to provide software support for its new flagship game system.

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