'Prey' Features, Platforms & Gameplay: Near Future Sci-fi FPS, Reveals Game's Mysterious Enemies Typhon, Free Demo On Weapons, Powers & Combat Style

By Paige McClure , Updated Apr 23, 2017 04:14 AM EDT

"Prey" the near - future science fiction first-person-shooter game is being re-imagined and is expected for release very soon. Intentionally, this is targeted to give satisfaction to the many fans who have been waiting long enough for the game. As revealed, the game will be featuring mysterious enemies, including the famed Typhon.

According to reports, the new "Prey" is not the same as the one announced to the public five years ago. A new studio, Arkane is on the helm of bringing back the game to its launch next month. As to the gameplay, what will gamers get if they buy the game? Well, the scene is set in 2032 in which an FPS is on board the space station. Also, on board is an on-going experiment designed to change the course of human evolution.

The Space Station Talos 1 will be the home away from home of the "Prey" game player. While floating in space, the station will be overrun by aliens. Denofgeek has reported that to give the game players an advanced experience of the game, Bethesda is releasing a free demo of the game for Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 on April 27. To get the fans ready, Bethesda has also released the trailer of the free demo.

In the trailers of "Prey", weapons and powers were highlighted to catch the attention of the gamers. Not only these, because the trailer also features the combat styles and techniques as the game player will use the weapons and the powers. Actually, the game will allow gamers to engage in a 35-minute walk-thru of the game, including a peek into the mysterious enemy named Typhon.

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