‘Kova’ Lead Protagonist Gives Honor To Russian Cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova; Free Playable Demo Available

By Ben Lindon , Updated Apr 24, 2017 08:34 AM EDT

"Kova" female protagonist is said to be based on a real-life herstory. The character was written from a woman's point of view with the hope that it can help encourage the younger generation of women and girls about breaking gender roles. As of this writing, Black Hive Media is still keeping mum about the game's story for fear of spoilers.

Lead Protagonist Background Revealed

The "Kova" lead code and writer Many Lowry noted that the "Kova" protagonist is based on a real-life story. The female character is set to give honor to the retired Russian cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova. It should be noted that Tereshkova had been the first women in space.

The "Kova" developer explained that Tereshkova attempted and accomplished a feat in the 60s originally taken on by men. While Black Hive Media spilled the beans into its lead protagonist, the story remains to be held under bars. Lowry only revealed that each character and mission in "Kova" will add to the overarching storyline and lead to the answer of the big Fermi Paradox question, JS Station X reported.

It should be noted that the Fermi Paradox is the theory that agrees with the possibility that aliens exist but digs in for the evidence of their interactions with Earth. While keeping mum about the big narrative details, the "Kova" developers have revealed information about gameplay and art style.

"Kova" is set to feature intense shooting in battles and crafting to maintain the ship. Both factions have different aims, offer new items and affect the dialogue with NPCs.

"Kova" Needs Help In Kickstarter

In other news, the side-scrolling action RPG "Kova" has moved its way from Steam Greenlight to Kickstarter. The game's goal is currently low at $28,000 USD. With only more than a week to go, "Kova" is an all or nothing campaign that should make the goal by next Wednesday, Bleeding Cool reported.

"Kova" was successful in the Steam Greenlight campaign and is expected to continue the success with Kickstarter. There is a free playable demo available. However, the demo is only for backers. The game is not yet fully funded. However, the team has already revealed various trailers and updates of the game. Watch the trailer below:


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