‘Disney Afternoon Collection’ Latest News: Six Disney Classics & Nostalgic Logo, Confetti Menu, 8-Bit Music

By Ben Lindon , Updated May 02, 2017 06:14 AM EDT

"Disney Afternoon Collection" made its debut on April 18 on Xbox One, PC and PS4. The collection packs a combination of video games released in the late 80s and early 90s for the NES console. On this note, Capcom also revealed new screenshots for the "Disney Afternoon Collection."

Disney Characters Featured in High-Definition Games

Capcom announced the release of six classic Disney and Capcom games packed in "The Disney Afternoon Collection," DSO Gaming reported. Featured titles include "Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers" that allows gamers to team up with a friend for co-op play. The duo is tasked to go up against the villain Fat Cat while attempting to figure out the mystery of the missing kitten.

"Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers 2" will also be included featuring the escape of the Fat Cat and the inclusion of Monterey Jack, Zipper and Gadget on a mission to stop the Fat Cat from world domination. The "Disney Afternoon Collection" is set to display games with crisp HD visuals including the iconic platforming adventure games including "TaleSpin," "Duck Tales" and "Duck Tales 2." In addition, gamers are tasked to fight a city filled with criminals from the F.O.W.L. organization in the epic action-packed "Darkwing Duck."

Staying True To The Experience

Meanwhile, the "Disney Afternoon Collection" does not just pack "Duck Tales" and other iconic NES Disney Package in one package, it also wraps them in the style, visual limitations and context of the 90s. The collection is nostalgic from the logo and confetti menu backgrounds to the classic gameplay, retro visual filters and 8-bit music. The game boots up poised to put the gamer in the mindset of the original era, Engadget reported.

The "Disney Afternoon Collection" features Digital Eclipse's four-point philosophy in releasing classic games that are accuracy, presentation, sustainability and context. Frank Cifaldi noted that all of the developer's philosophies go back to the artistic intent. Cifaldi revealed that he has a passion for preserving classic titles with their intended experience.


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