‘Pokemon Go’: Legendary Pokemons Arriving Soon, Confirms Niantic; Look Out For Special Events!

By Paige McClure , Updated Apr 27, 2017 04:59 AM EDT

Since the release of this popular augmented reality app, "Pokemon Go" continues to provide gamers with exciting upgrades. Now, Niantic has recently confirmed that the most awaited legendary pokemons will soon be added to the game.

Pokemon followers are much aware of the five legendary characters, and incorporating these pokemons would certainly change the gameplay. According to Birmingham Mail, Niantic will be holding a huge event this summer in celebration for the "Pokemon Go's" one year anniversary. General Manager, Yoshiji Kawashima is hoping that players will look forward to the summer event.

The reported have come out after the Easter Event where players were able to hatch 87 million eggs. Niantic's engineers are reportedly working to add several functions that will be implemented in the game. It seems that Niantic has found a way to make players more actively involved by holding global events.

The release of the legendary pokemons will surely indicate that "Pokemon Go" is still one of the most popular, and unbeatable compared to other games. Forbes reports that the reason why a lot of players are still into the game after its release a year ago, is because it does not have any serious competition.

Furthermore, "Pokemon Go" does not have serious threat to the game, and no real imitations of its concept. However, a lot of gamers will still want to see more of the game, and the big question is whether Niantic can keep the game alive and active.

Well, it seems that Niantic has already lined up special events to keep "Pokemon Go" relevant. The legendary events is surely a great way of bringing players to compete harder this summer. Players will have to wait for more updates from Niantic. Stay tuned.

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