Capcom Showcases Ed In New 'Street Fighter V' Trailer Plus More Details; What We Know So Far

By Michael Augustin , Updated May 11, 2017 06:31 PM EDT

The official trailer for the next DLC fighter in "Street Fighter V" has finally dropped. Just as it was accidentally leaked by the PlayStation Store a few weeks ago the newest addition to the roster is Ed. During the weekend fans were taken by surprise when official images of the new character were shared online. Fans apparently expected Ed to look like his in-game model in the game's cinematic story mode.

Character history and details 

Fans first spotted Ed in "Street Fighter IV" in one of the story endings in the game. Balrog spotted the kid during his attempt to loot the S.I.N. base. He witnesses the little boy exhibit some form of Psycho Power and decided to take the kid with him. Game Rant notes that Ed is actually one of the nameless clones engineered to become a replacement body for M. Bison. He shows up in "Street Fighter V" tagging along with Balrog in the cinematic story mode.

However, in the new "Street Fighter V" trailer, Ed is shown to have matured and gained some muscle. Capcom Unity reveals that due to the experiments done to him, his body ages faster than normal humans until he reaches a battle ready physique. He is obviously quite attached to Balrog and is assumed to have been trained by the boxer that he uses boxing as his core fighting style mixed with some elements of Psycho Power.

Play style and V-System 

According to Capcom, Ed is the first character in "Street Fighter V" that does not require motion inputs to execute his special moves. However, his critical art is the only one that requires a special motion input in order to activate. His V-Skill is called Psycho Snatcher and allows him to grab other fighters from a distance or pull himself toward the opponent. When his V-Meter is full, he can execute his V-Trigger named Psycho Cannon that sends a ball of Psycho Power that slowly moves and hits multiple times when it connects.

His Critical Art is called Psycho Barrage and has Ed dash forward and hit the opponent with multiple punch combos enhanced by Psycho Power. He ends the flurry of hits with an uppercut that sends the enemy flying. The new character is set to join the "Street Fighter V" roster along with an optional story costume and a premium battle costume as well.

Ed is the third DLC character revealed for the Season 2 roster of "Street Fighter V". The company has scheduled another Capcom Fighters Network beta test this week that starts on Thursday, May 11 and ends on Sunday, May 14. PC and PS4 users are free to participate in the event and try out the new character for free.

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