About Hitting A Wall In 'The Division 2' Ice T Expresses A Common Complaint

By Staff Reporter , Updated Jun 17, 2019 04:14 PM EDT

Ice T is a big gamer, and has frequently posted about his time playing The Division 2. He was a day one raider on console, but it is now clear that he never ended up beating it (like most console players), and now at 500 Gearscore he's "beat the breaks off this game" which I assume means he's done pretty much all he feels like he can do with it.

Ice T makes a good point. The Division 2 made a decision to cap Gearscore at 500 power, meaning once you hit that point, there is no overleveling to make an activity like the raid easier, all you can do is min-max your build in order to make progress, though for a more average player (like me and Ice T) that may not seem terribly fun or even comprehensible, given the current state of the game.

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