Armored Mewtwo Is Coming To ‘Pokemon GO’ In New Raid Battles Soon

By Staff Reporter , Updated Jul 26, 2019 04:43 AM EDT

Sometimes I do a double-take when I hear Pokemon GO news, and today, that was certainly one of those times. Niantic has announced that Armored Mewtwo is going to be coming to the game in five-star raid battles that take place from July 10 to July 31. 

I had to look up just what the hell an "Armored Mewtwo" actually is because, in all my Pokemon experience, I never realized that was a thing. It turns out that Armored Mewtwo is not from the games, but from the anime and manga. In the anime, the Mewtwo armor amplifies all its psychic abilities. In the manga, the armor lets Giovanni control it which is vaguely similar to how we saw Mewtwo controlled by a human in Detective Pikachu this past summer. No armor there, though.

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