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By Staff Reporter , Updated Aug 27, 2019 01:59 PM EDT

Online gaming popularity has absolutely exploded over the recent decades. Where gaming would be reserved for arcades or the boys' room, nowadays everyone is connected to it online. This undoubtedly involves quite a bit of spending, as video games quickly add up in cost. As people spend more and more time gaming, they quickly finish games, and new releases often lead individuals to buy a handful games annually. 

It is not uncommon that someone will spend over $1,000 every year on video games, whether that is related to video games for consoles, or mobile gaming. With such a spending level, one would likely be happy to know that there are great savings out there. These however are not through discounts or subscription services. Instead, one can save a great deal using a VPN!

How Does a VPN Work?

VPN is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Network. This technology essentially allows you to run your Internet traffic through an external server, such that a website or application cannot receive your original IP address. The way computers communicate is through the IP addresses, and this is how an International site for instance knows how to show you their site in English. 

This is also how a site such as Steam for instance knows to show you their promotions in the English language, and the prices for their video games in dollars. For visitors from other regions of the world, Steam will catch their IP address and show them content and prices respective to their country of origin. Undoubtedly this comes in handy for Steam in terms of demographical campaigns, but for you as a consumer there is really little benefit. 

Since a VPN allows you to change your IP address, you can in theory manipulate any website to think you are from another country. Many individuals for instance use the technology to gain access to streaming services in other countries where the content selection is much larger. For instance, many Europeans exploit the VPN technology to watch American streaming services. 

This same concept can also be applied to a service such as Steam and other platforms for video games. Although the selection likely will not be greater for Americans using a VPN to connect to other countries, prices can be as low as 80% cheaper! So how can one use a VPN service to gain access to cheaper video games?

How to Buy Cheaper Video Games With a VPN

Before buying cheaper video games, you need to decide which free VPN to use for this process. Use a free VPN because the whole goal is to save money.  Just make sure to use a VPN that's reputable. There are many alternatives in the market, but there are a few factors that should be priorities. A vast selection of servers worldwide, as well as high speeds should be at the center of your choice. Many countries provide greater opportunities of finding a bargain, whereas high speeds allow for a smoother gaming experience. 

Once the VPN is chosen, you need to download the software and create an account. From here on, you will need to connect to a server in a different country. Maybe some European country has a 50% discount on a game that you would really want? All you need to do is connect to that country within the VPN program, and then visit the gaming platform over again. The service will now recognize you as a visitor from that specific country. 

That means you have access to all of their offers, and over time you can find many great bargains. At all times, you can change to the specific country that you deem the best in terms of the price on a video game. If you are amongst the individuals that spend close to $1,000 on video games every year, the free VPN technology could potentially save you hundreds of dollars. 

While some gaming platforms have blacklisted certain IP addresses from VPN services, one must understand that the use of a VPN is fully legitimate and legal. The only circumstance where using a VPN is currently illegal is if the action in and of itself was illegal to begin with. Therefore, buying video games cheaper through a VPN is absolutely legal, and of course a very practical way of saving money on your favorite hobby!

Enjoy the Perks of a VPN Today!

Every gamers dream is to be able to play the games in their "wanted" list. While it is rare to have a specific budget or video games, one must of course limit their spending somehow. Using a free VPN however, you can get much more value for your buck. After all, it is rather unfair that certain nationalities enjoy cheaper prices, so connect to a VPN today to receive the geographical discounts!

A VPN can also bring about other perks such as safety, anonymity, and unlock streaming content from other countries. This technology is your friend in unlocking the Internet, and as a gamer, the VPN technology will be your best way to save - or potentially just get even more video games for the same amount spent!

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