Virtual Private Networks Take On Gaming

By Ernest Hamilton , Updated Sep 23, 2019 08:37 AM EDT

Virtual private networks are a quick, simple solution to issues with online privacy and security. This is not only important for our everyday lives but also in our gaming world. VPNs are capable of encrypting data that you input prior to it leaving your device keeping third-parties from identifying your location or monitoring your activity. They also have the ability to cut censorship and keep ISPs from hindering your connection. There is no complicated set up, merely sign up and run the app. There are numerous cheap gaming VPN choices that you can research in order to find one that will meet your particular gaming needs.

Reasons For Using A VPN For Gamers

Cheap gaming VPN choices are available for gamers in order to make the gaming experience more far-reaching, faster, private, and secure . Whether you are experiencing a connection speed slower than molasses, loads of lag, or wanting to play a game that has been banned within your area. There are a lot of reasons to take advantage of a VPN within the gaming genre.

  • Regional blocks and censorship. With the modern, connected, digital market, we all have access to products and services globally in an instant. You would think this makes things even for players who are buying games throughout other regions. There are region locks which prevent this from being the case. There are also inflated prices depending on country of origin. Or certain game mechanics being banned based on location, like lootboxes. The way to avoid all of this...VPN. With a VPN, you are able to change your virtual location which will basically fool markets and the online gaming world into thinking you have relocated. It's perfect if a game has been banned in your area or if prices have been overly inflated in a particular region.

  • DDoS. Direct Denial of Service DDoS attack is one of the scariest things to an online gamer as it will overwhelm your server with small packs of information, block data from entering the server, and virtually kick you out of your game. The attacks come at you based on your IP address which allows users to directly target you without you knowing. VPNs offer DDoS protection beyond the standard that an ISP is able to offer. VPNs can shut them down the instant they start.

  • Identity. A VPN is going to keep your identity safe from other users who may seek revenge with your IP address after you defeat them in a game. This can lead to them attacking you outside of the game world, e.g. with your social media accounts, and causing a severe amount of bullying. With the VPN, your location and identity remain anonymous.

There's nothing nicer than coming home after a hard day and taking on other players from all over the world in a nice hearty game especially if you can do it in virtual invisibility by using a cheap gaming VPN choice. The benefits are gigantic, the drawbacks are few, making the VPN pretty essential to your overall gaming experience.

Though you may have a VPN, this is not something that makes you completely invincible. Even VPNs are susceptible to vulnerabilities. This is essential to remember when playing games online. Always be respectful and courteous when interacting with other players and be mindful of proper sportsmanship, even if no one knows who you are.

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