Learn How to Find Stamps Online to Expand Your Collection

By Staff Reporter , Updated Dec 11, 2019 09:54 PM EST
Learn How to Find Stamps to Expand Your Collection
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It is important to utilize your free time in a constructive fashion and that is why so many people seriously think of incorporating an exciting hobby in their routine. You may also be thinking the same but feeling confused about what to pursue. While it is important to start doing something you really, you may want to go for stamp collecting for so many reasons. If you like to learn about different countries and interested in knowing the history behind different stamps, you will surely like the idea of collecting stamps.

To expand your collection, you will have to pounce on every opportunity to find new stamps. Finding stamps online is surely an option, but you should also ensure that you don't miss the chance to find stamps in your routine life. And you can do that if you learn the right way to remove used stamps from old envelopes.

How to Remove Used Stamps

When stamp or ticket collecting is your hobby, you will often have to remove them from the envelope. However, before you go any further, you need to take your time to decide if those stamps are best left on the paper. It is usually true in case of old stamps, which are usually quite valuable and you should not risk damaging them while trying to remove from the envelope. Moreover, some old stamps become invaluable when you keep them with the envelope because that shares a bit about their historical context as well.

If you really believe a stamp would look great in your collection, you should, by all means, remove it from the paper and keep in your possession. In most cases, you can accomplish the task by using ordinary paper towels, a pair of scissors, and a bowl of warm water. Here is how to proceed:

  • Take some scissors and cut the stamps from the corners on the envelope.
    Now take a bowl of warm water and place the cut corner in it. You need to leave it there for at least 10 minutes. It is a good idea to add some cold water as well because it will ensure the ink doesn't run.
    Remember, most stamps are going to float off, so it is a good idea to take paper towels and put your stamps on their blotter face down. You have to be very careful with this or any mishandling would tear the stamps. Be prepared to coax them in case you're trying to remove the "peel and stick" versions.
    Now that the cookie sheet of stamps and place in a dry place overnight. For this, you can always use your unheated oven.
    On the next day, you should take your dry stamps, which may be a bit curled, but don't worry about it. You should take a large book and place your curled stamps flat between its pages. You may also consider weight those stamps down if need be.
    Now, leave it for at least a couple of weeks before using it in your collection.
    Using warm water is usually a great way to remove stamps from envelopes, but you should also be cautious about using the method on very old stamps. In the past, so many stamps were manufactured, which means that soaking them in water would ruin them. Therefore, your knowledge about old stamps will also matter when trying to recover old stamps from an envelope.

Use Your Microwave

It is also possible to remove your old stamps from envelopes using your microwave. Before using the trick, ensure you get rid of the contents of the envelope.
Take the envelope and place it in your microwave. The idea is to melt the adhesive and remove the stamp easily. For this, you will have to choose the right temperature settings. For instance:
When great then 1000 watts, you should microwave the envelope for at least 10 seconds
When between 700 and 950 watts, you should microwave for around 15-20 seconds
Once melted, you can easily remove the stamp and use it in your collection. Remember, the adhesive will no longer be there, so you won't be able to use it on a new envelope. Using tape or glue might help though.

Peel It Off

Peeling should be a last resort because it doesn't always work, especially if you're not that good at it. The other methods do take longer but they are safer too. Here's what to do:
Simply insert your nails under your stamp and slowly pull it up a little. You should use two fingers to get hold of the stamp.
Now, pull your stamp up carefully or else you might end up ripping the envelope and even the stamp. If you don't feel comfortable peeling it off safely, you may want to revert to one of the methods mentioned above or keep the stamp with the envelope.

Buy It Online

While learning to remove stamps from envelopes will surely help expand your collection, you can save yourself from the hassle by finding stamps online. This way, you can get new stamps from the comfort of your home. Be sure to select the best companies to make your purchase. Only an authentic seller will offer stamps at a discounted rate along with insured documents and packages. They may also offer discounts on express mail shipments. The good thing is that along with buying new stamps, you can buy collectors' items as well, and might even come across stamps that you can't find otherwise.


The fact of the matter is that stamp collecting is a hobby that is entertaining and educational too. You will learn new things as your collection keeps expanding. Just work on your skills to remove old stamps from paper and whenever possible, be sure to take your search online and buy stamps from reputable sellers. And always go ahead with a buying decision after considering the terms and conditions mentioned by popular sellers. So, go ahead, find the best stamps and keep adding unique items to your collection!

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