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By Staff Reporter , Updated Dec 12, 2019 03:20 PM EST
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Thanks to the arrival of Destiny 2's Shadowkeep DLC players have been grinding through the game in an attempt to reach the new Power Level cap of 750 power. It works pretty much the same way as that of the 500 power level cap, much the same as when Forsaken was introduced. The closer you get to the 750 power level cap, the more end game bounties you'll get to experience.


Here's how the power level and XP system works

If you're only just jumping into Destiny 2 then having two levelling systems might seem confusing. To help those who played the first instalment of Destiny, the Power Level system is essentially renamed from the Light Level system we saw in the first game. For the complete Destiny newcomers, read on. Polygon also has a great Destiny 2 beginners guide.


Levelling up XP

Your main HUD on your Guardian's screen shows to numbers, one is your XP, and one is your Power Level. Taking down enemies, completing missions and Patrol objectives will build your XP level. The XP level cap varies depending on which DLC you're playing, Forsaken for example has a level 50 cap.

The other levelling system shown on the right of the screen is your Power Level. This level adds up the armour and weapons you currently have equipped to generate a score. It is always worth checking your inventory as any loot that drops may be higher than your current build, and you can compare gear in your inventory slots that are flashing to see if you can improve them. After equipping more top gear, the number should increase. The Power Level system decides how epic your Guardian will be across the game, although that first starting should concentrate on XP, to begin with. Your experience level influences the Power level you can obtain as well as the ability to access specific story missions.

Let's suppose your XP level is lower than you need to equip specific gear or progress the story, build your XP. You can do this by merely playing the game. Just work through the story, kill monsters and take on side missions to give yourself some extra experience. Merely completing the story should at least see you through to level 20, then completing Warmind to get you to level 30, and Forsaken taking you to 40.

Once you reach the XP level cap, that's when you want to examine your power level. A great way of increasing your power level, to begin with, is by obtaining Faction Rewards. At this point, you need to be increasing your average power level by getting some decent levels of Power on your weapons and armour.

Although gear that drops can often be the same level as your current gear (or lower), it usually gives you a helping hand to drop gear of a couple of levels higher. In other words, the more time spent playing, the better your chances of grabbing more top tier gear.

Bungie has ensured Destiny 2 scales with you too, so suppose you complete a much trickier activity but only hit 300, don't expect to be rewarded with a 370 reward!

Reach Power Level 690 Fast

To reach level 690, you'll need to visit Benedict 99-40 in the tower and completing the Invitation mission. This will take you about an hour to finish off, definitely the most straightforward way of getting to 690 Power Level. There are also some fantastic Destiny 2 boosting services available to level up even faster.

Here's how to progress to max level cap 750

To level more effectively, you'll need to learn which causes bring the best power loot. Most activities drop loot at the 500 level soft cap, making sense to play the game and level up gradually. The amount of gear you can obtain from vendor rewards and Legendary Engrams are capped at this point, meaning players need to look elsewhere to keep those levels increasing.

Standard Loot and legendary Engrams come to a halt at level 500, so powerful gear is your next stop. Check out some of the sources below to begin obtaining powerful gear.

Please note** you may need to be XP level 50 for the below powerful gear sources to appear.

●      Gambit (Weekly and Daily)

●      Strikes (Daily and Weekly)

●      Complete 20 Challenges for Ikora (Weekly)

●      Heroic Adventure in that week's Flashpoint (Daily)

●      Daily Heroic Story Mission (Weekly)

●      Crucible (Weekly and Daily)

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