How to Sell Old Mobile to Finance Your New Mobile Phones

By Ernest Hamilton , Updated Dec 22, 2019 11:46 PM EST
How to Sell Old Mobile to Finance Your New Mobile Phones
(Photo: How to Sell Old Mobile to Finance Your New Mobile Phones)

Gaming mobile phones are not any special mobile phones, mobile phones with better memory and excellent processors are classed as best gaming mobile phones. Gaming mobile phones need a better battery as well because games push the mobile phone processor work hard making the mobile phone an energy-hungry machine. Most mobile phones are sold purely because the users want more capable mobile phones with better processors. The best gaming mobile phones in 2019 are mentioned below. There are different features which make a smartphone a good gaming mobile phone. The main features which matter include, the quality of display and size, battery life and capacity along with processor and RAM. After evaluating all these factors following mobile phones are shortlisted as the top gaming mobile phones of 2019.

1. OnePlus 7 Pro. 

2. Apple iPhone 11 Pro. 

3. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. 

4. Honor 20 Pro. 

5. Razer Phone 2. 

6. Sony Xperia XZ2. 

7. Google Pixel 3 XL. 

8. iPhone XR.

Mobile phones are famous for being depreciated a lot quicker than anticipated. It often shocks its users when the depreciated price is being revealed especially if it's just used for a year or so. According to most market analysis, a new mobile phone depreciates at around 3% per month but it also is noted that now the depreciation speed is a lot faster than the past. For instance, it's just been 6 months when Samsung launched S10 and at the time of its launch the mobile phone was marketed at a label price of £900 but within 6 months the mobile is easily available for £500 on eBay. Below is an easy way to calculate the depreciation of a mobile phone

  1. Determine the expected lifespan of the asset. Divide 100% by the number of years in the asset life and then multiply by 2 to find the depreciation rate.

  2. Determine the asset's purchase price.

  3. Multiply the current value of the asset by the depreciation rate.

  4. Stop accumulating depreciation in any year in which the depreciable cost falls below the salvage value.

So, in a nutshell, mobile phones should be sold as soon as they are not needed anymore and, in most cases, mobile phones stay in the draws and cabinets rather than finding a new home. According to a research, only 10-15% mobile phones are reused whereas according to the same research more than 70% of the mobile phones can easily be reused in less developed countries where purchasing power is far more less than developed and advanced economies. Now when all mobile phone networks are advertising the amazing feature 5G is about to offer, the 4G mobile phone market is about to crash and millions of mobile phones in most developed countries are soon to become very undesirable. Leaving mobile phones in the draw would not help anyone. Neither the environment nor you as a user, but making mobile phone recycling a habit will make it much easier for you to not only generate some cash but also to play your part as a responsible citizen. The new mobile phones are always expensive and in 2019 we have witnessed most of the flagship models of top vendors to be over £1000 mark. But if you sell an old phone, you can get some money to compensate for the high price of your new mobile phone. You can also sell broken mobile phones but you have to make sure all your data is deleted from your mobile phone and all sim cards and SD cards are removed before your mobile phone is sent off for recycling or is sold to get reused. 

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