Fairytale Gifts for Gamer Girls

By Staff Reporter , Updated Dec 26, 2019 08:59 PM EST
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Is your girlfriend, friend, relative, or wife a gamer? If yes, you can surprise her with some gifts tailored to her hobby. When it comes to gifts, you need to note that no one gift can work for all gamers. It is thus best to align the gift with the needs or wants of the recipient. One way to do this would be by getting a gift that enhances the gaming experience. And if you want to veer off the gaming aspect, you can get her 24k gold earrings, which would show your affection towards her. Even gamer girls wish to turn heads and drop jaws as they head out. Here are some other exciting gifts:

Gaming Headphones

Having an easy time communicating during games enhances the chances of winning. Thus, getting her a pair of headphones would do the trick. Here, you have two options. You could dig deep into your pocket and fork out hundreds of dollars. In this case, you would end up with rechargeable headphones that are not only comfortable but light.

Where you cannot afford to spend that much money, you can opt for an affordable option. It would cost you tens of dollars and would provide her comfort. Sure, you may end up with a wired option, but it will significantly aid in her winning streak.

Retro Games

With time, games have become much more sophisticated than they ever were. But that does not take away the fun derived from classic games. As such, gifting her with a pack of retro games would be ideal. The good thing with these games is that the console doubles as a controller. So there is no need for many accessories to take a walk down memory lane.

Light-Blocking Glasses

Spending hours on end with eyes fixed on the screen leads to eyestrain. And this results in a disruption in sleep cycles. As such, it would be best if your gamer had some eye protection. You can provide this in the form of light-blocking glasses, which will reduce screen glares. Also, they look great and will add to her style. 

Monitor Set-Up

What is she using for her games? Has she been relying on the same setup for years on end? If yes, it is time for an upgrade. Having a well laid-out monitor system will allow her to experience the game from a comfortable angle. And with comfort in play, she can immerse herself in the game, winning back to back. 

A monitor stand would be ideal as it can enable her to change the positioning of the screen. She can adjust it as she plays for a better gaming experience.


A gaming setup cannot be complete without a top-notch keyboard. It allows her to respond swiftly, and the increased sensitivity guarantees her of wins. And why would she not win with the heightened efficacy? In this way, she can better enjoy the games as she listens to the clicks of the keys and watches the corresponding movements.

Cold Brew Coffee

Gaming for hours on end takes a toll on the body. And now and then, that special gamer girl in your life will need an energy boost. Getting her cold brew coffee is the key to putting a smile on her face. She gets to stay alert and reaps the antioxidant benefits of coffee.

Gaming Chair

When she is in command, she needs to feel that way. And she can, with a comfortable gaming chair in tow. Get a chair with ideal lumbar support and positioning. And when she retires to bed without aches, she will be thankful for you.

Can you think of anything else that would make gaming all the more enjoyable?

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