The Best Video Game Dogs

By Staff Reporter , Updated Jan 10, 2020 01:46 PM EST
The Best Video Game Dogs
(Photo: The Best Video Game Dogs)

The Best Video Game Dogs

What's one thing better than a good video game? Dogs!

Some of the best video games in history feature a loyal canine companion that will help your player to succeed and stay alive. These pups are not only cute, but they are also strong and essential to have by your side. 

 In this article, we will talk about some of the OG good-boys of gaming. 

1. Nintendogs

Do you remember this strange era of Nintendo? This DS game allowed players to test out what it's like to have a dog and gave some insight into the responsibilities of pet owners. Our favorites were the golden retriever puppies.

We dream of the days where we were throwing virtual balls to 3D dogs on a clunky and heavy Gameboy.

2. Growlithe

This Pokemon is every man's best friend. He and his bud Arcanine are the best little fire pups any player could hope for. Don't underestimate him; he's one of our favorites because he is just as fierce as he is cute. 

3. Rush Mega Man

Rush is Mega Man's trusted companion and boy; he's powerful. Throughout the game, he teleports. He has an impressive spring-loaded torso, and he'll always be there when Mega Man needs him. 

This buddy is as good as any robot dog!

4. Angelo: Final Fantasy VIII

St. Angelo di Roma is Rinoa's canine sidekick in Final Fantasy VIII. Her character is rumored to have been designed based on one of the developer's real dogs. Her personality is incredibly loveable, and she is beautiful.

5. The Duck Hunt Dog

We love this perfect pup. He's got long black ears that are just so cute! He was kind of mean when you were shooting and missing the ducks, but he's adorable. In the new Smash render, he's far less conniving and much cuter. We like having him around for the hunt.

6. Dogmeat: Fallout 4

There is no better companion in this mysteriously dark game. Fallout revolved around a mood of isolation and survival. Without this beautiful German Shepard pal, your character would be even lonelier. 

This loyal comrade helps your player to get through the game and is by far your cutest ally,

6. Underdog: Super Mario Maker

This cheeky character has been around since the 1992 debut of Mario Paint. In Super Mario Maker 2, this little guy is surprisingly destructive. He pretty much single-handedly destroys Princess Peach's castle. 

He did it by accident, he's so cute, and we love him anyway. Even though he's clumsy, Underdog is still a good boy. 

7. Pomeranian: Tokyo Jungle

We have to mention the kick-butt little Pomeranians in the game Tokyo Jungle. These fluff-balls may be innocent looking, but they will stop at nothing to eat, mate, and take down any obstacles in your way. 

8. Dinky Di: Mad Max

Mad Max from Avalanche is a thrilling and visually-stunning adventure that features one of the best dogs in any video game. Dinki Di is a little black mutt that will help you find water, mines, and will help you stay alive. 

His gleeful barks and bubbly personality are a breath of fresh air in a post-apocalyptic setting.

Dog Days

A canine character is welcome in any video game as far as we're concerned. These great pups add a human element to any gameplay, and we always love their presence. Also, as graphics become better, these dogs keep getting cuter!

Your pup will love these characters too! You don't want your pet to spend too much time looking at a screen, though. Doggie socialization and play is crucial to their health! Visit this page to learn about how your pet can enjoy slides, jungle gyms, and even splash pools.

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