The Guide to Becoming a Godmother

By Staff Reporter , Updated Feb 14, 2020 03:49 PM EST
The guide to becoming a godmother
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Being asked to be the grandmother of your friends or sibling child is amazing. When they asked you must have felt overwhelmed, anxious and excited. 

This title comes with a lot of responsibilities and duties that you have to perform as being a godmother. Here are a few things you have to do as the grandmother.

1. Be there in the absence of parents

If the parents have a consequence in which they can't be there to take care of the child then it is your responsibility as a godmother to step in for them. This also means that you have to occasionally babysit the child so that the parents can take a break for themselves.

2. Give them gifts and cards 

Giving gifts is a great way to keep the child remembering you and appreciating your presence. If you can afford to get those teenage godchildren an iPhone or iPad but don't forget to take the parents' permission beforehand and load it up with a parental control app like FamiSafe. Or phone tracker app, Also if you can't afford it then even a simple card for kids at their birthdays and Christmas can be a good reminder of their existing godmother in a place far away for them but would always be there whenever they need her. 

3. Communicate with them

Parents have it hard in connecting with their children but godparents have it much easier. The only thing you have to do as the grandmother is to treat the children as an adult and listen whilst understanding fully what they are trying to communicate to you about. 

4. Remember events 

Children always tend to remember people who are with them during their special times. So if you live nearby then attend those events. If you live far then don't forget to wish them luck preferably a day before the event. 

5. Taking responsibility when parents die 

Being the godmother means that you will have to take on a mother's role if anything happens to the real mother. Before taking on that role you have to consider that you are ready to be a mother to that child at all times.

6. Treat them like an adult when you mentor them

For a mother who births her child, they will never grow up for her. So try talking to your godchild as if they are an adult and try to understand their problems. This treatment and understanding will give them the belief that you can understand them better and they will always be open up about things they can't talk to their parents about.

When you feel that the child is right to convince the parents and when you feel they are wrong then try to make them understand in a tone in which they would understand. Simply be their friend. 

7. Give the friend a baby shower

As it is a bridesmaid responsibility to arrange for a bridal shower similarly it is the godmother's responsibility to arrange for the baby shower. Be sure to make a gift registry so that everyone can bring things that the new parents would need rather than random gifts they would never use. 

Being a godmother is a pleasure and an honor. Accepting this role will bring you closer to the life of your friend or sibling's life. So enjoy this role as much as you can - trust me this is certainly easier than being the birth mother.

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