Darewise Partners With DMarket to Expand Their In-Game Economy

By Staff Reporter , Updated Feb 17, 2020 11:09 AM EST

Life Beyond, an ambitious futuristic MMO from veteran devs Darewise, has now integrated with DMarket to facilitate the game's vast, community-driven economy.

Life Beyond is an upcoming free-to-play futuristic MMO for PC, console, mobile, and cloud platforms. It is designed by Paris-based studio Darewise, made up of former Ubisoft, CD Projekt Red and Rockstar developers.

By integrating with DMarket, Darewise enables Life Beyond players to trade in-game items among themselves, and earn real money in the game's massive and persistent virtual world.

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A free-market, community-driven game economy is a core part of Life Beyond's concept. DMarket's plug-and-play solution has helped Darewise building and balance such an economy in just three weeks, with the support of only two engineers from the game team. 

As the game is now in closed alpha, owners of Life Beyond Founder's Packs are already exploring planet Corvus, created by Darewise and benefiting from the in-game item ecosystem launched by DMarket.

Based on the free-market model, Life Beyond's economy is literally driven by the community. Players are the ones to determine the value of the assets they craft or farm in the game. With a vast variety of craftable and purchasable items, Darewise and DMarket have laid the foundation for a robust and engaging economy to flourish. 

Due to DMarket's exclusive trading features such as Exchange, Targets | Bids, and Instant Sale; Life Beyond players are able to make bids for other players' items, sell their assets instantly, and exchange items without the need for time-consuming direct barter deals.

For Darewise, the game economy built with DMarket's ready-made toolset is the core part of their game monetization strategy. By letting players benefit from a virtual economy with a real-world value, Darewise will then receive a small fee from each P2P trade, in addition to revenue from primary item sales.

This is truly a win-win for both the players and the game developer. Players get the opportunity to monetize their gaming time while boosting game experience with real economic incentives. The developer generates a recurring revenue stream while also increasing player engagement and retention.

"We are very excited to bring onboard DMarket's expertise to help us balance and launch an in-game economy that should be both engaging and rewarding for players," said Darewise CEO and former monetization director on Assassin's Creed at Ubisoft, Benjamin Charbit. "We want to achieve our short-term goals fast and are hoping to always expand our in-game economy features, making it even more fun for players in the future." 

"We share the same idea of a free, borderless in-game economy driven by players. That's why working with Darewise has been a great and smooth experience," said DMarket CEO, Vlad Panchenko. "With a world-class development team, unique concept, and innovative economy, Life Beyond is bound to be a success."

Life Beyond is built on Unreal Engine 4 and uses PlayFab, SpatialOS (a cloud-based platform from Improbable), as well as its own proprietary tech to grow and manage a large, complex, and persistent game world.

It was particularly important to Darewise that the DMarket integration had minimal impact on their development schedule and resources.

"The guys from DMarket have always been on call to talk through new ideas, as well as putting them to the test and making all needed adjustments as soon as possible," said Darewise CTO Samuel Kahn. 

"We've been lucky to work with such experienced, skilled, and friendly partners. Our shared passion for games made the integration so much easier and really exciting," added Vlad Panchenko.

The goal of the integration was to provide seamless user experience, making the management of inventories while trading in-game assets as easy as possible. 

Technical specs of the integration:

-Linking Life Beyond and DMarket accounts in one click - to help players get started with no extra effort
-Logging in to DMarket with Life Beyond credentials - so that no time is wasted on any additional registration 
-Managing in-game inventories from DMarket accounts and managing DMarket inventories from the game client - to let players do all their trading in any of the two interfaces
-Moving items obtained in the game from the game client to DMarket and back - so that nothing stands between a player and the global gaming market empowered by DMarket
-Withdrawing items from DMarket without leaving the game client - to let players upgrade their characters without interrupting the game 

About DMarket

DMarket is an in-game item trading platform. It enables secure buying, selling, and trading of in-game items, to help developers attract more players, make more money, and increase the player lifetime value. 

Over the past five years the in-game skins market has skyrocketed. Skins turnover reached around $25 billion over the last 5 years. Top tier games such as Fortnite and APEX Legends are building their in-game economy around virtual assets, season passes, etc. Multiple celebrities and famous brands such as Louis Vuitton, Moschino and Nike are launching their own skins collection within video games.

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