Review - Is Runescape Classic Still Playable?

By Staff Reporter , Updated Feb 18, 2020 01:22 PM EST

One question that has been playing on every MMORPG fan is whether or not RuneScape Classic is still actually playable. There were concerns following the announcement from Jagex back in 2018, which stated that after 17 successful years, RuneScape Classic would no longer be available to play. The original version of the long-running MMO's servers were to close at the start of August that year, much to the dismay of its fanbase. With that said, is it still worth running around racking up OSRS Gold and slaying demons?

The classic version of RuneScape underwent a couple of revamps over the years, and served as a version of the game that has been running since 2001. This version of the game, to an extent, remained the same from 2007 onwards, so it was effectively the same title for the course of 11 years. While access was still granted to particular players, it wasn't set to be updated or supported by developers going forward.

Enter 2019, and RuneScape is still going strong in the form of OSRS (Old School RuneScape) and has made a number of advancements that has seen the game thriving once again. Back to receiving regular updates and support, new content and more, OSRS is a title that is definitely worth visiting, or even re-visiting if you have found yourself dropping off from the game over the course of its long and rather impressive lifespan.


Over time, one thing that has stayed true is the level of visuals that RuneScape offers. As you will have noticed over the years, a number of titles such as World of Warcraft and other notable MMORPGs have evolved visually. It is something that has been on the forefront criticism with these games. This is something that hasn't quite sat with Runescape, as you will notice it is still operating with what would now be considered a retro style of visuals. While this may not sit well with some, it's important to remember that massive multiplayer online games do not live and die by how they are presented graphically. Ultimately, the main draw of an MMO game arguably is the opportunity and ability to be whoever you want to be, creating your own character and heading out to create memories on adventures of your own.


The same rule certainly applies when it comes to smooth gameplay. This isn't something that is to be expected when it comes to this genre. Not to say that certain titles of this ilk don't offer that, in fact in some cases, it's far from it. But in this particular instance, OSRS doesn't always offer the smoothest or silkiest of gameplay-which you could argue is to be expected considering that it is a game that prides itself on giving fans the original experience that has existed for several years. Having said that, even at Christmas 2019, the game's developers have announced an update that will aid the player's movement for a smoother transition.


Another feature that proves attractive to its players is that it has a narrative that it is looking to tell. A lot of MMOs could be criticized for not having this since some seem to be content with simply thrusting the player into a world devoid of any storyline. Those games tend to have players focus more on grinding their way through the levels to take on raids and more. Though OSRS does offer a similar experience if the player chooses to follow this kind of path, with the option to grind their way through the game via combat or less conventional methods such as tree-chopping, cooking and smithing, there is still plentiful lore surrounding the game to further engage the player, with many a mythological tales available if you are willing to look for them.

This is just another highlight of RuneScape being a sandbox MMO, in that it gives you the freedom to do as much as you want and ultimately cater the experience to how you want it to play out. This is further helped along by the hefty amount of customization that is on offer to players, with a seemingly endless number of ways to customize your character, your equipment, spells and other features that will keep you highly engrossed for as long as you are willing to put into OSRS.

The Future

With all that being said, it is important to not only look at the present state of the game, but what lies ahead for the future as well. No, OSRS certainly isn't exactly in its golden years, which passed some 10-15 years ago. But a lot of players aren't expecting it to be and they are more than happy to simply be able to still enjoy the title today.

Not only that, but there is still a lot that RuneScape Classic has to offer for new players. As we previously mentioned, the game is still subjected to regular updates and support from developers, and even adds new locations for players to visit, like Menaphos, the Arc Islands and a wealth of others. In fact, earlier this year we saw the introduction of Elite Dungeons, which for those who are well-versed in the MMO genre, these serve as the OSRS' version of raids. These things combined are evidence that the game is still willing to evolve to offer players the experience that competes with other present day titles.

Finally, OSRS opened its doors to the mobile platform, which is the biggest gaming platform by a reasonable distance universally. This shows signs that Jagex is showing little signs of calling things a day anytime soon. Overall, it offers the best possible experience for some players, giving them a taste of the past with what made the game so special in the first place, while still looking to the future that it can rub shoulders with the rest of the MMO genre. So yes, it is most definitely worth immersing yourself in RuneScape classic, racking up gold and slaying demons along the way, even today. Maybe you'll even earn enough to trade on an OSRS Gold Sell site! 

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