Setting Up the Perfect Gaming Environment at Home

By Ernest Hamilton , Updated Mar 09, 2020 04:12 PM EDT
Setting Up the Perfect Gaming Environment at Home
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You've played many gaming tournaments online, with people from all over the world. You've even played with some local friends but all from your own homes. Wouldn't it be great if you could all be in the same room playing together against those international opponents?

Have you considered building a gaming room? A total gaming environment where you can host game events. Here's how you go about it:

The House

Maybe an apartment isn't the right place to host gaming events; they're too small. You're going to need a house, most likely with a huge room (maybe even the basement) that can be decked out. 

You could browse through the listings on to get some ideas, then you can settle on a house.

The Room

Now that you have your place, it's time to sort out the room. This needs to be the ultimate gamers' paradise. 

What floor plan design would you choose? Perhaps an open-plan where anyone can sit anywhere. Maybe a horseshoe shape so you can all face each other. Or what about a circular table where there's nobody at the head.

Choosing chairs is equally as important. You're going to be sitting on those things for very long periods. They need to be ergonomic as well as comfortable. 

What else needs to be in the room? You're going to need snacks, so a bar and a fridge would be ideal, and possibly a microwave oven. 

Food and Drinks

Speaking of snacks, you want to be able to fuel yourself and your players, but not be away from the game for too long.

Quick and easy snacks that you can quickly zap, or eat cold would be ideal. You want food that is high on carbs and fats to keep the gang motivated. These guys have an awesome list of suggestions

Be careful when you choose what to drink. The best options would be sodas and energy drinks. Alcohol is fun too, but you don't want your players' skills impaired in any way, unless it's all in fun, then go for it.

The Tech

You're going to need state of the art technology here to build a great gaming room. However, it's highly likely your friends already have their own laptops, fully loaded, that they'd prefer to bring.  

That's ok! You can provide gadgets. Some cool ideas for the must-have accessories of 2020 can be found here

Who to Invite

Now your room is all set up. The final ingredient is the selection of gamers. Naturally, you'd want only to invite people that you know. Keep in mind, though, that they may also have some really cool friends who can add value to the group.

Make extra sure that you don't invite someone who's going to kill the mood, over-dominate the game, and start bossing people around. Remember, this activity is a group mission, not a leader and his minions.

Not as Hard as it Seems

So there you have it. You, too, could have your own gaming environment. Choose a great house, deck out the ideal gaming room. Invite your mates, tell them to bring their devices. All you then need to do is accessorize and feed them.

Are you ready to start hosting excellent game nights? We think so!

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