5 Effective Ways to Track Your Boyfriend's Phone Without Him Knowing

By Ernest Hamilton , Updated Mar 28, 2020 10:33 AM EDT
5 Effective Ways to Track Your Boyfriend's Phone Without Him Knowing
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Today, it is very easy for an unfaithful boyfriend to cheat. The use of a smartphone has made it easy for a boyfriend to easily cheat on you. However, there are effective ways of tracking your boyfriend's phone. 

Smartphones are easy to track through the use of phone tracking apps. Although there are other ways you can track a smartphone, you need to be tech-savvy to accomplish this. 

So, phone tracking apps offer an effective way to track your boyfriend's phone without him knowing. In this article, we highlight the 5 effective ways to track your boyfriend's phone without him knowing. 

Part 1: Cocospy - The undisputed phone tracking app

As the leader in the phone tracking industry, it has established itself as a reputable app. You can try Cocospy if you want a reliable app. It has an international reputation from over a million users.  

https://www.cocospy.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/cocospy-world-first-cell-phone-spy.jpgCocospy can track both iOS and Android devices. The app delivers convenience to its users through its ability to track your target phone remotely. With Cocospy, you have the ability to track different areas of a smartphone. 

Cocospy is an advertisement free phone tracker that lets you track your target without distractions. It boasts of over 35 phone tracking features which make it a comprehensive phone tracking app. 

1.1 Unmatched Cocospy phone tracking features and capabilities 

Cocospy comes with many phone tracking capabilities and features. Below are some of them: 

1. Undetectable 

All the phone tracking activities take place in stealth. The app operates in the background eliminating the likelihood of your target discovering your activities. Cocospy uses very little system resources like phone storage and battery. 

For instance, on Android devices, the app is only 2 MB and takes less than 5 minutes to install. After installation, the app automatically deletes its icon and disguises itself in installed apps. 

Also, when you are done tracking your boyfriend, you can install the app in just one click. On iPhones, Cocospy lets you track your boyfriend without installing the app. 

To track your boyfriend's iPhone, you only need to provide his iCloud credentials. The app uses iCloud backup to track all his activities. 

2. Web-based tracking 

Cocospy is a web-based phone tracking app that lets you track your boyfriend's phone. With Cocospy, you can comfortably track your boyfriend online using a web browser. 

To track his phone, you only need to log in to your Cocospy dashboard. Here, you will have access to all his activities from chats to real-time location. 

3. No rooting or jailbreaking required

With Cocospy, you won't have to jailbreak your boyfriend's iPhone or root his Android smartphone. Rooting or jailbreaking a phone makes it vulnerable and voids its warranty. 

Fortunately, Cocospy uses cutting-edge technology to eliminate the need to compromise a phone. The process also requires technical skills from the part of the user. 

Besides, rooting or jailbreaking a smartphone makes tracking your boyfriend's phone not stealthy at all. 

4. Legit and safe

Since Cocospy doesn't require compromising your boyfriend's phone, it ensures he is safe. Also, the app never collects or stores data from other apps on your boyfriend's phone. 

5. Amazing phone surveillance features

Cocospy lets you track almost all aspects of your boyfriend's phone. The app lets you track your boyfriend's messages and contacts. Also, it lets you track his real-time whereabouts. 

With Cocospy, you can even track every all the keystrokes made on your boyfriend's phone. As well, you can track hiss call log. This allows you to know details such as call duration and the time the call was made. 

The app also shows you the most contacted person in his phone contacts. Cocospy lets you track social media activities from posts to chats on his phone. This way you will know if he is faithful or not. 

1.2 Using Cocospy to track your boyfriend's phone

Tracking your boyfriend's phone without him knowing using Cocospy takes several steps. 

Step 1: Sign up for a Cocospy account. Visit the official Cocospy website to sign up. Also, make sure you subscribe to a plan. 


Step 2: Setup his phone.

If he uses an iPhone, please provide his iCloud credentials and verify them. 


For an Android phone, you will need physical access to install the app on his phone. The tiny app will take less than 5 minutes to install. After installation, the app will automatically disguise itself and delete its icon. 

Step 3: After you are done, click the Start button to finish the setup process. Next, sign in to your Cocospy dashboard. 


Here, Cocospy gives you access to everything on your boyfriend's phone. Cocospy lets you access everything from his social media apps to other installed apps on his phone. 

Part 2: Minspy 

This phone tracking app is among the best available. It allows you to track your boyfriend's phone remotely. It can only track iPhone but also Android phones too. It operations take place in stealth allowing you to track his phone discreetly. 

Also, Minspy has noteworthy phone tracking features that can track many areas of his phone. It allows you to track his phone remotely on a web browser. The only thing you need is to log in to your Minspy dashboard. 

Best of all, the app like Cocospy never requires jailbreaking his iPhone or rooting his Android phone.

Part: 3 Spyic

If you are looking for a trustworthy and reliable app, Spyic is among the most reputable apps. Spyic uses the latest technology to track a smartphone. It runs in the background to avoid interfering with the performance of his phone. 


The app is equipped with amazing phone tracking features. Like Cocospy, it can track his iPhone or Android smartphone. It gives you access to all installed apps including social media apps. 

Spyic as one of the most reliable phone tracking apps, it doesn't require jailbreaking or rooting his phone. The use of cutting-edge technology makes Spyic a safe and secure app for tracking his phone activities. 

Part 4: Spyier

Spyier is another notable phone tracking app. This is a web-based phone tracking app that lets you track your boyfriend remotely. So, you only need to log in to your Spyier dashboard to start tracking his activities. 

One of its unique abilities is the ability to track his iPhone without installing anything on it. The app never jeopardises your safety neither does it compromise on his phone's safety. 

Spyier is an all-rounder phone tracking app that can track iPhones and Android smartphones. It can track your boyfriend's location, iMessage, social media apps and other installed apps. 

Part 5: Spybubble 

This phone tracking app helps track your boyfriend's iPhone and Android smartphone. Although it claims to deliver all the monitoring features cheaper, its user interface is basic at best.

Besides, several features do not work which eliminates the likelihood of completely tracking all his activities on the phone. Also, it drains the battery quickly which can make your boyfriend suspicious.


The most effective way to track your boyfriend is through a phone tracking app. Among the best apps for the job, Cocospy stands out. The app can track your boyfriend in stealth. 

Although the other apps do a great job, none come close to Cocospy. The app is trusted and used by millions of people around the world. Also, it enjoys a remarkable customer approval rating of 96%. 

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