How to Track A Phone Number Remotely

By Staff Reporter , Updated Apr 27, 2020 06:02 PM EDT
How to Track A Phone Number Remotely
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How often have you found yourself helpless when you are not able to check what your child is doing on the phone? How often have you wanted to know what your wife or an employee is talking about over call?

Well, we have all been in that situation. Last year, I wanted to find out if my wife was cheating on me as she was always on call. So, I found out some of the best phone trackers. These allow remote tracking.

I found these on ClickFree, and since then, I have been able to monitor and track devices easily. So, whether I want to track the location of a loved one or find out what they are doing, there is a simple solution. Let me tell you more about it! 

Part 1: Can You Track A Device Remotely?

Firstly, something that a lot of people aren't sure about. Yes, you can track and hack any smartphone which runs on Android or iOS. Moreover, all of this is possible without having to root or jailbreak the device.

Cocospy has made tracking a phone number simpler and convenient for everyone. You don't have to have any technical knowledge. Moreover, it is a quick process that works safely and accurately. 

Let's find out the features of Cocospy and how you can set up this remote phone tracker with ease. 

1.1 Cocospy: The Best Phone Number Tracker

Cocospy is an awesome phone tracker that uses next-gen technology to provide accurate results. The application is being used by millions around the globe and in various countries. 

The user-friendly nature of the tool and great results have led to multiple positive reviews. Popular tech platforms such as CNET, TechRadar, PCMag, etc. have all had stunning comments about Cocospy.

Cocospy offers more than 32 features. You can utilize these and keep a great check on your loved ones. You can track and hack them at any time. There are multiple other perks as well included with the tool. So, let's find out! 

1.2 Features of Cocospy

Cocospy offers top-notch features, which makes tracking really simple. There are several other things that you will be able to do as well. So, here are some of the top features of the app.  

Phone Tracker

With Cocospy, you can track the location of the target device at any point. You will get pinpoint accuracy and the exact coordinates. So, you will know where your loved one is at all times. The tool uses the GPS of the device, so the data is accurate. 

No Root Or Jailbreak Required

Cocospy is functional on Android and iOS devices. However, most hacking tools require users to root or jailbreak the device. Well, that isn't the case with Cocospy. There is no need for rooting or jailbreaking the device.

Root and jailbreak tamper the security of the device. So, the target user will get to know that some messed around with their device. Moreover, the security of the data on the device will also be affected. 

Call tracking

Another awesome feature provided by Cocospy is call tracking. You will be able to check out the call logs and also access the recordings. Moreover, you can check the contacts on the device as well. 


If you want a quality phone tracker, Cocospy is the ideal one for this particular feature. The tool allows the users to set up a boundary on the map. This is for the target device. So, whenever the person steps outside the boundary, you will get notified. 

This is a really useful feature as you will know every time if your loved one is not at the right location

Additional features

There are multiple other perks offered by Cocospy. With the application, you can check out the social media activity of a person. You can check out their text and social media messages as well. Even multimedia messages are accessible.

All these perks make it simpler to monitor and track a device without any issues. Find out how you can set up the application on a target device. 

1.3. How To Setup Cocospy On A Device?

Setting up Cocospy is really simple, and users of every age can do it without any technical knowledge. Here is how you can set up Cocospy on Android or iOS.

Step 1: Visit Cocospy's website and create a new account for yourself. You will also have to select the target OS as either iOS or Android. Then you need to select a plan as per your requirements.

Step 2: Once you are done setting up your account, you need to set up the target device.

For iOS devices, the process is really simple, and you won't have to touch the device either. You will need the iCloud credentials of the users. This is a really convenient process, and anyone can do it.

For Android devices, you will need to download a small application on the target device. The app is just 2MB, and it will be downloaded in a few seconds.

Step 3: After you have set up the device, all you need to do is click on 'Start.' The server will then sync up with the device.

After the process is completed, you will be able to utilize all the features without any issues. All the features are available on the dashboard, which is on the site. So, you won't have to download any application.

Note: If any tool claims that it can hack an Android device without any downloads, never believe it. It is impossible to monitor and track any device without a third party application.

One advantage is that you can uninstall the application remotely. You can also hide the app so that the target user doesn't get an idea. 


Tracking a phone number has never been this easier. You can easily track and monitor any device with Cocospy. Cocospy offers convenient functionality and quality services, which makes this simpler. 

Check out the website today to know how to track a device remotely. There is a free demo on the site which will take you through the entire process.

Now, keep a check on your child or wife. Find out their activities over their smartphones and make sure there is nothing inappropriate. Take advantage of the cutting-edge technology of Cocospy and find out the whereabouts of your loved ones. 

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