Home Security: 5 Tips for Protecting Your Home

By Staff Reporter , Updated May 21, 2020 05:27 PM EDT
Home Security: 5 Tips for Protecting Your Home
(Photo: Home Security: 5 Tips for Protecting Your Home)

In an ideal world, we could all leave our doors unlocked without any fear that our home would be robbed. Unfortunately, in most places in the world, that's not the case. Homeowners want to know that their property and family are safe. 

Break-ins or other disasters can happen when you least expect it. Let's go over a few things you can do to ensure that your home is safe and secure.

Befriend Your Neighbors

If you and your family are new to the neighborhood, be social. Go out and introduce yourself to the neighbors. Once you have some friends around the block that you trust, they'll likely keep an eye out on your property. 

Encourage your neighbors to give you a call or text if they notice any suspicious activity. Don't worry; it's not too much to ask. You and your immediate community can look out for each other; it's mutually beneficial.

Secure Valuables

Many petty thieves scan neighborhoods looking for houses that frequently have delivered boxes left on the porch. They may also try to see in and locate items of potential value. Try not to advertise your treasured goods to the outside world. 

When you get packages delivered, try to take them inside as soon as possible. Keep precious jewelry and family heirlooms locked away in a safe or a lockbox. If you do have valuables on display, just try to keep them away from street view.

Invest in Smart Home Monitoring

Luckily for homeowners, there are now more security solutions today than ever before. With a smart home monitoring system, you can have peace of mind. These systems connect to your smartphone so that you can know your home is safe, even when you're miles away. 

The Lights

When it comes to home security, lighting matters. You can keep one or two LED lights on inside if you leave your house for an extended time. That way, it looks like someone is inside. An automatic timer may help to create the right ambiance as well. 

The outdoor lighting is equally, if not more critical to security. Consider motion-sensitive fixtures for the exterior of your home. These lights should be very bright and target shrubbery or other dense and dark areas of your yard.

Check All Keys and Locks

Keep a safe list of the people who have keys to your home. It's a good idea to have a spare with someone you trust so that they can enter in case of an emergency. That said, it's essential to keep track of who has access.

If you do leave a spare key somewhere outside of your home, get creative. Hiding it under a planter or welcome mat is too obvious. People with bad intentions will know precisely where to look. 

Regularly check that all of your locks are functioning correctly. This is an easy routine, and it should be conducted regularly. If you notice that something is broken, get it fixed right away.

The Verdict

Once you take these steps to secure your home, you can sleep well, knowing you're protected. There are so many security solutions available now, why not ensure extra security?

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