The Ultimate Sims 4 Career Guide You Need To Read

By Staff Reporter , Updated May 18, 2020 11:17 AM EDT
The Ultimate Sims 4 Career Guide You Need To Read
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You might have a lot of questions when picking a career in the Sims game. You may be worried about making enough money with that career or merely anxious about if the skills required are feasible. This article will look into important Sims 4 careers and how they pan out. 

Actor career

The actor career permits your sims to try out for roles, hone their acting skills, and prepare for gigs. Ten career levels exist for actors. If you reach the highest level, then you get paid close to 9800 simoleons per gig. For excelling in this career, one needs to have acting skills. Some add-ons would be comedy, charisma, dancing, and singing. The key to moving forward in this career is practice. The highest reward which you can unlock is the World-renowned Actor/Actress trait. 

Babysitter job

The babysitter job is part-time and exclusively available to teens only. It can be availed only on weekends from 6 PM to 12 AM. Only three levels are present in this job. On the third level, you can earn close to around 48 USD per hour. The only skill necessary is charisma.

Business career

You can act as a business associate in this line of work. The business career has six levels. After that, you have an option between the management career and the investor career. Both of them have four levels each. This career is a lucrative one. The earnings are close to 3,248 USD per day at the highest level. For this career, skills like logic and charisma are a must. Your aspirations must be money-focused.

Criminal career

The best part of this career is that you can do crime as you please, and there is no police to stop you. You get paid for committing crimes. There are five levels in this career. After that, you become the mob boss or the Oracle career. The pay for this career amounts to around 3115 USD per day at level ten. Mischief skills are necessary for doing well in this career. For the oracle career, additional skills like programming are compulsory. You should aim for the Chief of Mischief and Public enemy aspirations for fairing well in this career.

Culinary career

You can become a chef or mixologist if you choose to pursue this career. The best part is that you can hone the required skills from your home too. This career has a total of five levels. At the highest level of the chef, you can earn 2,460 USD per day. You have to know cooking skills or excellent mixology skills to survive in this career. If you opt for becoming a chef, special gourmet cooking skills are also required. Master chef and master mixologist aspirations are helpful for this field.

Critic career

By opting for this career, you can become either a food critic or an art critic. The critic career does not have full-time activity, so you also have the option to work from home. This career has no more than three levels. After that, there is a branching off stage by which you can either become an art critic or food critic. At level ten, your earnings are 2,270 USD per day. For achieving eminence in this career, the skills required are those of writing, painting, comedy, and music. For the food counterpart, skills like cooking are good to learn. The best selling author aspiration is something that can boost your career. Some book writing on the side can do wonders. 

Detective career

By becoming a detective, you can work in association with the police and investigate crimes and work with criminals. There are ten levels to this career. At the highest level, you are paid 2,120 USD per day. Skills associated with the detective career are not many, but having charisma is advised. 

Doctor career

You can work as a doctor and give patients treatment and diagnosis of diseases. The job also involves surgical tasks. There are ten levels in this career. At the tenth level, the pay is 2800 USD per day. Honing skills like logic and handiness can make you prosper in this area. There is no specific aspiration for this career. However, some feel that the Nerd Brain aspiration is worthy. 

Fast food employee job

The fast-food joint employee is a part-time job for teenagers only. The three levels in this job are table cleaner, service cashier, and fry cook. The highest pay for this job is 16 dollars per hour. The skills for this job are limited to cooking. 

Gardener career

The gardening career is a semi-active one. The gardening tasks can be performed at home too. The profession has four levels, after which it is branched to a botanist or floral designer. The salary for this job is 2940 USD per day for the occupation of a botanist. Gardening skills are essential for this career. In the new season, a new skill known as flower arranging has also been released. The option of additional income through selling of their harvestable is present. The freelance botanist aspiration is useful for this career selection.

Military career

This is a rabbit hole career. You can work with the army with this career choice. The military has five career levels. Post that, the exciting field of covert operator and officers is unlocked. The pay is handsome, being 3376 USD per day at level ten. High fitness skills are crucial for this job. Logic and charisma are additional skills to enhance your career. The Bodybuilder aspiration is one aspiration many players opt for.


Science is an active career that was introduced in Sims 4. By becoming a scientist, you can work in a lab. Discovering new inventions and working on projects are some of the roles. There are ten levels in this work. On reaching level 10, then you can become an extraterrestrial explorer. The earnings are 2,223 USD per day. There are no specific skills required. The Curator Aspiration is a target for sims in this field.

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