Fax From Computer, PC & Mac Made Cheaper, Faster, Safer than Ever in 2020 (Step-by-Step Guide)

By Staff Reporter , Updated Jun 12, 2020 11:03 AM EDT

The fax was introduced as a communication sharing service to transmit data from one place to another. However, it gained popularity as the most reliable data transmission mode of all time. Even after many years to its origination, fax is still being used at a high frequency and offering reliable information exchange services.

From large firms to startup organizations, people rely on fax for business communication. Google Fax Free has brought the most detailed blogs about the added conveniences of fax. Now you can get rid of hardware equipment and send faxes wirelessly without getting into the hassle of managing bulky systems.

CocoFax, an Economical Fax Solution

Google Fax Free details how to fax from computer and other devices as the leading fax blog featuring reliable ways to fax online. According to Google Fax Free, there is no need to use a fax machine or pile up white sheets of paper to utilize fax service. Either you use an android smartphone, a laptop, iPhone, or Mac, CocoFax has a smart fax solution for every digital device.

CocoFax relieves its users from the troubles of getting the ink toners refilled. Now you can discard the clunky fax machine and move on to a more convenient way of faxing. CocoFax has brought convenience and security at the same place.

CocoFax has got recognition from top-notch media forums counting Life wire, New York Times, Android Authority, PCMag, and Toms Guide. Not only have this, but millions of users rated CocoFax as the best fax app due to its added privacy and safety features.

Does CocoFax offer Fax Service for Mac?

Google Fax Free is your best 'how to fax from mac guide and answers your other most searched question too. There is no need to get a fax machine anymore. As Google Fax Free suggests, CocoFax offers Mac faxing services.

Fax from Mac has been made a wireless faxing process. CocoFax relieves you from managing bulky hardware equipment just to send a single sheet of paper.

CocoFax is a platform-independent service for online faxing. It works perfectly on all kinds of operating systems without generating any compatibility errors. Not only Mac, but CocoFax also offers fax for Windows OS. Now you can get fax security and ease of modern systems altogether.


How does CocoFax works for a Reliable fax transfer?

CocoFax works as an efficient mediator between your Mac and receiver's fax machine. As fax machines were built using analog signals where modern communication systems deploy digital technology.

CocoFax translates the documents sent from your laptop into analog signals so that receiving fax machines can open it in a comprehensible format. Likewise, receiving faxes are converted into digital signals and forwarded to your devices as a pdf file.

In this way, CocoFax develops a secure link between fax machines and modern communication systems. The compatibility issues of different devices are encountered by CocoFax automatically so that you don't have to follow any manual procedure for this.

Prerequisites of Paperless Fax with CocoFax

CocoFax does not require any hardware tools to get started. Sending and receiving faxes with CocoFax is a matter of a few minutes. The expediency of CocoFax lies in its useful features and easy setup services to save your time and effort.

For using CocoFax to send faxes without hardware tools include:

● A CocoFax account to connect your smart devices with traditional fax machines.

● A Valid email address which could be used to send faxes directly from any email account.

● A fax number which could be obtained by signing up with CocoFax

● An active internet connection to exchanges faxes without any interruption.

Send Online Fax using CocoFax

CocoFax has brought an evolution in traditional faxing methodologies. There is no need to connect your computer to a modem or fax machine anymore. CocoFax has made faxing a paperless procedure so that you can send and receive faxes on the go.

To send a fax directly from your computer, Mac or laptop, you don't need the services or any professional. Moreover, CocoFax does not demand to learn any technical skills to use it. Just follow these guidelines and get started with online faxing through CocoFax.

Step 1: Signup with CocoFax

For using CocoFax, you should register yourself first. Open the official website of CocoFax from any web browser such as Safari, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer. Click the signup button and create your account for free by providing a valid email address.

CocoFax provides a 30 days free trial to new users. You can subscribe to the premium or monthly package when the trial period ends. Moreover, you can also select a vanity or toll-free fax number from the list of available numbers. CocoFax offers free fax numbers.

Step 2: Create new Fax

Hit the New Fax button from the top right corner of CocoFax to compose a fax file. The new fax wizard will pop-up. Enter the details carefully in the prescribed format so that the fax sending process does not get interrupted.

To enter the receiver fax number, dray your mouse to the "To" field. If you want to send a fax to an international fax number, make sure to add country code and local area code. To add more than one fax number, you can enter then by separating with a comma.

You can attach images, word documents, excel sheets, and pdf files to fax. Not only this, but you can also provide a fax title and cover page by entering the relevant information in the Subject and body area. CocoFax allows sending multiple documents at once.

Step 3:

Send the fax by clicking the "Send" button and CocoFax will translate it into a Tiff file automatically. CocoFax rings the receiver fax machines to deliver your files. No one can check the information as CocoFax makes a secure link for transmitting your documents.

You can preview the fax transmission logs from the CocoFax dashboard. CocoFax also sends message alerts for the successful delivery of your documents. If a document was failed due to some issues, CocoFax provides error-list so that you can do the corrections easily.

Email-to-Fax Service by CocoFax

CocoFax also provides the ease of sending faxes directly from your email address. Just create a CocoFax account and send faxes on the go. Open your email account and compose a new email. The cover page could be added from the email body area.

For entering the recipient's fax number in the To field, add "@cocofax.com" at its end. For example, if the receiver's fax number is 12345, you will type it as '12345@cocofax.com'. CocoFax transfers the attachments into a readable fax file and forwards it to the relevant address

Receiving Faxes with CocoFax

CocoFax does not demand any long manuals to be read first fro receiving faxes directly to your computer. Login to your CocoFax dashboard or email account and download the faxes as a pdf file. There is no need to connect a fax machine to your computer.

CocoFax forwards all the faxes to your fax number after converting them into a pdf file. Even if your devices are turned off or not connected to the internet, CocoFax will still send the faxes. You can check the number of received faxes and sender details from the dashboard.


CocoFax has made sending and receiving faxes from a computer not only feasible but safe too. You can reliably send documents just like fax with CocoFax so that any unauthorized person cannot access the secret information. CocoFax employs top-notch security features.

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