Becoming a High Warlord/Grand Marshal in WoW Classic

By Staff Reporter , Updated Jul 06, 2020 11:03 AM EDT

If you have been a long-term player of the Classic rendition of World of Warcraft, then by now you will have formulated an opinion on what you think is the hardest part of the game. The reason for this is that there are a lot of different aspects that can be taxing on the player. This ranges not just from raids and collecting as much WoW Classic Gold as possible, but can also spread to reaching the highest possible rank. In this case, we will be taking a look at how to become a High Warlord/Grand Marshal. 

The High Warlord/Grand Marshal

In case you might be unfamiliar with the term, the High Warlord/Grand Marshal title is the best rank that you can reach within the two warring factions in WoW. Before such titles were introduced, the PvP side of the game was merely for the sake of killing your fellow player. That was until the inception of the honor system. This saw players being rewarded for killing members of the opposite faction, in what would be called Honourable Kills. Each kill would transition into points, therefore giving you a rank, hence the term Ranking Points. 

The initial introduction to this system was sparce with information, and would also see players missing out on progress on a weekly basis. This is what made reaching the highest rank so difficult, not to mention the sheer amounts of kills that you would have to gain to reach the top spot. Not only that, but the Dishonourable Kills system was also brought in. So, whether you were Horde or Alliance, you could go and find a warring faction and kill the vendors and other NPCs. Players would use this as a way to sort of farm Rank Points, until Blizzard deemed these tactics to be unfair, therefore bringing in Dishonourable Kills, which would see a decrease in points if you chose to do this tactic. 

How to Become High Warlord/Grand Marshal

As we mentioned, killing players of the opposite faction earns Rank Points. The High Warlord/Grand Marshal serve as the highest ranks respectively, and they are by no means easy to reach. In order to reach such a status, you will need to have earned 60,000RP, by getting to Rank 14. 

In terms of how to get to the rank, there isn't really a set guide on how you can do so. You simply need to grind as much as humanely possible, and work hard to get to the top rank. Its comparable to race to 60 when Vanilla WoW has originally released. Persistence was absolutely the key to victory, and will see you taking part in a non-stop grind probably like you have never experienced in a game before. 

There may be no set guide on how to do it, but there are certain areas in which you can gain a significant amount of RP to at least help you towards your goal. There would normally be certain areas in which your Honour Kills would vary per hour, though there were areas better than others. Blizzard introduced Battlegrounds to help players to achieve the highest possible ranks, and those who achieved it in battlegrounds such as the Arathi Basin. This would have a decent amount of Honor Points per hour scale, because the resources-based nature of it would see players having to control certain areas to win. With matches only being short, it gave room to gain a lot of RP in a short space of time. Alterac Valley and Warsong Gulch are also good places to visit to reach this goal, though they might not get you there as quick as the Basin does. 

Before considering such a grind, you really do need to take into account how long it will take. It would take you playing the game for over 10 hours a day for 2-3 months to achieve this, which is an astronomical amount of time. You can understand why Classsic WoW account sell for such a high amount of money when you take into consideration the amount of time that it takes. 

So, remember, if you are able to come to terms with the amount of commitment, then head over to the battlefield and start the grind. Just be wary of your time and health when you do so!

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