How to Sell Stuff on Amazon for Free in 2020

By Staff Reporter , Updated Jul 07, 2020 03:46 PM EDT
How to Sell Stuff on Amazon for Free in 2020
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Browsing Amazon, and selling some stuff now and again on Amazon's Marketplace was once upon a time a nice little side hustle. 

Fast forward to 2020, and becoming an Amazon seller is now the sole stream of revenue for the vast majority of sellers on Amazon's Marketplace. 

This is largely due to the level of flexibility being an Amazon seller allows. Working from home, choosing your own hours, and being your own boss certainly sounds appealing. 

Added to this is the fact that it's relatively easy to jump on the Amazon bandwagon and start selling products. 

How much money can you stand to make as an Amazon seller? 

And better yet, how can you get started as an Amazon seller, for FREE? Read on to learn more. 

Free Trial of Amazon Selling Tool - IO Scout

IO Scout is a tool for Amazon sellers to elevate selling success, by tracking specific products to uncover potential rewarding items to sell on Amazon. Offering the ability to increase sales through Amazon for Private Label Sellers and Wholesale Sellers alike, and saving time and money in the process. 

IO Scout's free trial (14 day money back guarantee) offers peace of mind for Amazon sellers, a try-before-you-buy approach, if you will. 

How much money on average do Amazon sellers make?

By and large, most Amazon sellers opt to go down the FBA route (Fulfilled by Amazon). 

Using FBA is a stress-free approach to handling all the administration and shipping required in your Amazon business. 

Enlisting FBA's service means you don't have to be concerned about customer orders, or customer returns, or customer complaints, or customer questions - anything to do with customers at all, really!

FBA ensure that your orders are fulfilled quickly, and delivered quickly too. All adding up to very happy customers. 

Let's take a walk down the FBA path....

  1. Your products, stored as units, are forwarded to Amazon Fulfillment Centres for safekeeping.

  2. These items are included to Amazon's inventory. 

  3. Buyers see your products and place orders. 

  4. These orders are received, the goods are packed, and delivered to your waiting consumers.

  5. FBA takes care of all returns, and customer service queries that occur during the whole route.

What are the Advantages with FBA?

  • No need to handle customer service demands or grievances, Amazon FBA have it covered

  • No mistakes made with order placing and delivery, Amazon FBA have it covered

  • No waiting for your orders, FBA orders are delivered quickly to your customers via Amazon Prime

  • Your listings will be enhanced with the Amazon Prime badge, signalling trust and authority within the marketplace

  • Frees up your time in your business

  • Your listings will be visible to more people due to higher ranked listings, thanks to Amazon FBA

Which items sell the best on Amazon?

Home and Kitchen 18%
Toys and Games 11%
Books 9%
Health 8%
Beauty 8%
Electronics 7%
Clothing 7%
Sports and Outdoors 6%

And which products earn the most profits on Amazon?

The most profitable items on Amazon can be categorised like so:

  1. Books

  2. Child and Baby Products

  3. Jewellery

  4. Active Wear, or Exercise Clothing

  5. Electronic Goods and Accessories 

How long can you expect to wait before becoming profitable on Amazon?

Happily, the answer to this question is not too long at all, in the grand scheme of things.

67% of Amazon sellers report that they started enjoying business profits within their first year as a seller. And the average new Amazon seller makes a profit of around $26k annually. 

Talk to me about the Amazon Selling Fees!

Every sale you make on Amazon's Marketplace comes with a sales fee. And to become successful and profitable, it pays dividends to be aware of all the fees, so you can determine accurate profits. 

The sales fees are owed whether you are on an individual or professional Amazon selling plan. These particular fees are dependent on a) the price, and b) the product category. Check the free IO Scout sales estimator to estimate the number of monthly sales.

On average, the sales fees equate to around 15%, but for an in-depth, accurate computation, you can use Amazon's Referral Fee tool here.

It's 100% worthwhile to test and see which category your items will be categorised as, and ensure the referral fees aren't too exorbitant, so you don't end up paying all your profits directly to Amazon!

Amazon offer two selling plans:

Individual Amazon Selling Plan

  • Sell less than 40 products monthly with no subscription or cost 

  • Sell on one Amazon site

  • Restricted categories to sell in

If you are starting out selling on Amazon, this plan is recommended, and you can always develop to the Professional plan when your business starts go viral! 

Professional Amazon Selling Plan

  • Sell more than 40 products monthly

  • Subscription fee (currently $39.99/month), plus referral & variable fees

  • Facility to interact and sell on various Amazon sites

  • Limitless item categories to sell your products in

As long as you initially stick with the Individual Amazon selling plan, you only have to worry about the referral fees, and these fees come into play after the sales have been made, so you don't need to stump the cash up front for them. 

How do you sell on Amazon for FREE?

Four actions. Let's investigate:

  1. Check around your home for items that you could flog on Amazon

  2. Register for a free sellers account on

  3. Find your product on Amazon that is already listed by someone else (handy!)

Key Takeaways to make 100% profit on Amazon's Marketplace

Selling on Amazon's Marketplace is a time-consuming business. And you won't always get it right every time, and choose the perfect product to sell every time. But that's par for the course.

So, experiment - enjoy the process, and learn from errors. Soon you'll pick up on trends in the Marketplace, and gain a really clear knowledge of what your consumers desire - so you can give it to them!

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