Social Media for Gamers; Top Must-Have Content

By Staff Reporter , Updated Jul 13, 2020 09:46 AM EDT
Social Media for Gamers; Top Must-Have Content
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Online gaming has drastically changed, moving from just another entertainment and relaxation stream to an income generation career attracting professional gamers. Online gamers flock various platforms, with sites such as Twitch boosting of millions of streams per day. With brands relying heavily on social media platforms, from Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook to mention a few, professional gamers are pocketing six-figure earnings, either working as ambassadors or utilized in influencer marketing campaigns. Social media campaigns for online gaming offers a unique edge to announce your presence, build a community, and keep them glued.

If used correctly, social media platforms provide an extensive pool to find new gamers, build brand awareness, foster healthy relationships, and grow your business. However, as you cast your nets wide, you can easily be overwhelmed, unable to keep up with the stiff competition. This can drive you out of business, stressing the need to devise a solid strategy to keep up. Finding the best influencers and ideal gaming sponsorships is an excellent starting point. As you grow your network, however, the content has, time and again, proved that it is the king. While running social media campaigns for your gaming business, among the must-have content includes;

Behind the scenes sneak-peek

Do your followers have an idea of who is behind the controller? Making your streams more personal, while typically overlooked, could significantly improve its performance. Give them a sneak-peek into your life, connect with them, and foster a more direct relationship. Personal connections are harder to break, as your followers are deeply connected, a fair game that could work in your favor, especially if you are competing with resourceful and aggressive brands.

Updates and announcements

Are you about to launch a new stream? Don't just upload it and wait for people to find it. Be creative, and keep your audience in the loop about the plans. You could even provide teasers to keep them guessing and regularly checking your streams. Updates and announcements, like movie trailers, can create a significant following as the audience anticipates what your new stream holds. However, don't make them jump through hoops to find out when the new stream is due, as that might drive significant traffic away. Provide fresh, engaging, and captivating content while announcing a new stream or updating your followers on your new video upload, and a timeline when you intend to go live for interactions.

Personal opinions

Giving your opinions on the industry is among the most effective ways to connect with gamers. Most gamers aren't shy of airing their opinions on the happenings. Joining the discussion and actively participating could, therefore, dramatically enhance your reputation. Follow giants such as Nintendo, indie game developers, and others in your niche, among others, stay on your feet, and dissect their announcement, and provide an informative and engaging opinion. From such conversations, you can even position yourself as an industry thought leader, an information hub for gamers, and, consequently, a popular brand. With catchy and appropriate hashtags, your creativity is your limit as you strive to put your name out there and captures a significant following. The trick, however, is to steer away from controversial opinions that could negatively portray your brand's image or religious and political statements as they could rub some gamers in the wrong way.

Occasional shout-outs

The online gaming community provides an unlimited growth potential, even enough to promote your fellow streamers. It might feel like you are promoting their streams and stealing your own traffic as you indulge in occasional shout-outs, but that's not entirely the case. Tagging your favorite fellow streamers and creators is a two-way traffic; your followers get a peek of the stream, and their traffic takes a look at your stream. You could also get several shout-outs in return, extending your reach to a broader user base than you could've initially anticipated. Growing a community takes a lot more than positioning your brand, and with shout-outs, you get a chance to leverage other streams' reach to grow your followership.

Don't skip memes

Sprinkling your social media with memes is among the most effective ways to improve your credibility in today's market. Memes are inexpensive, and with a little humor, you can capture your traffic's interest, make them laugh, and tip them in your brand's favor. Memes spread very fast, and as you utilize current events to craft the meme creatively, you can quickly hit a significant user base, make your stream viral, and enjoy an edge in the competitive market.  Make them funny, simple, memorable, and shareable across various user demographics. That way, going viral won't be that hard, and even if it doesn't spread as wide as you would love, it won't cost you an arm and a leg, yet the returns can't be ignored.

Showoff best-of moments

Are you uploading preview clips? Instead of boring your followers with blocks of content, how about you spice it up a little with video highlights showcasing the best-of-moments? Such moments can be quite interesting, captivating more interest from potential gamers. Streamers can tip quite a significant traffic in favor of their brand with such highlights as they picture their gaming quests in such levels. It is straightforward, yet its effectiveness in encouraging more followers to your stream can prove to be a valuable contribution.

Social media marketing has and continues to be a valuable tool for marketers across various industries. For gamers, the platform can be quite transformative, providing unparalleled reach as streamers fish for more followers. However, whether for brand awareness, introducing a new stream, or expanding your reach, among other approaches, tailoring your campaign can prove to be a daunting challenge. Finding the right influencer, ads, and sponsors, among other considerations, can take quite a toll on your endeavors. The concerns, nonetheless, shouldn't derail your pursuits, especially with the readily available professional social media marketing services. With reliable and reputable gaming social media marketing services such as Loggershut, you can comfortably and conveniently position your stream, capture qualified traffic, and convert a significant following in your favor. 

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