DAS, NAS, OR SAN, Which Storage Device is Better?

By Staff Reporter , Updated Sep 08, 2020 01:38 PM EDT
 DAS, NAS, OR SAN, which storage device is better?
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We live in a digital world where everybody is looking for storage devices to store many data. There are different storage devices used to secure and used data whenever needed. With time, there is a massive advancement in technology, and more and more storage devices are introduced in the market. At present, you can imagine that there are so many storage devices available in the market that peoples are getting confused about which storage device is suitable for their data and which is terrible. Peoples are all around looking to extend their data storage, and if you are also looking to expand your data storage, you are at the right place. Yes, you are reading here we bring for you a brief description of storage devices.

What is Raid Storage?

Here we bring the most popular storage device for you these days to increase the data's storage capacity and redundancy. Raid storage is also known to be an as redundant array of independent disks used to combine physical drives to increase your system's performance and storage capacity. One of the other important things here for you is that RAID used data mirroring and data stripping techniques. The mirroring process doubles the storage capacity of the system. There are few types of the RAID internal system, and here we will tell you that which of this type is best for the RAID. If you are looking for Raid calculator you can check out one by Platinum Data Recovery.

Types of Internal RAID Storage:

There are three main types of the RAID which is as follows:

1- Direct Attached Storage:

One of the first types of the RAID storage is known to be as direct-attached storage. As the name shows direct-attached storage, the storage device directly connects to the server without any network between them. This system considers being one of the fastest storage because of the direct linkage of the device and server. It is just a plug and plays storage as no complicated setup is required. One of the other fantastic things regarding this type is that it is suitable for small businesses.

2- Network Attached Storage:

The second type of the RAID internal storage is known to be as network-attached storage. This type of storage can access through a dedicated network address. One of the important things regarding this storage is that it can cause difficulty for the enterprise who needs to send a large amount of data. Remote access for this device can also be available via the Ethernet. One of the wrong sides of this type is that the data transfer rate is not as fast as in the DAS.

3- Storage Area Network:

The last type of the RAID internal storage is here for you, generally known as SAN. Amazingly, there is a block-level of data transfer among the server and storage device in this type of network. It is a high-performance network having better redundancy with the vast amount to store data. Moreover, it also provides a fast backup service, which makes it prominent over other types.

These are the types of RAID internal storage, and among all of these, the people's best choice consider to be NAS.

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