5 Video Games to Play for a Truly Unique First Date

By Ernest Hamilton , Updated Sep 09, 2020 03:36 PM EDT
5 Video Games to Play for a Truly Unique First Date
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After you meet a fellow gamer for a date, you might be tempted to go out and have a movie and dinner date. Forget all that. Indulge in your nerdy glory and spend some time playing video games with your partner. Here are the top 5 video games recommended by cupid for a different kind of the first date with a fellow gamer.

1 - The Walking Dead

All the fans of the zombie apocalypse can find something to enjoy about this game. This game is fun because it gives you a lot of different options for your play through. Instead of being stuck in a linear path, you get to interact with the other characters in new ways every time you play. The game is fun for both of you to decide on a path, and it's also really interesting to play episode after episode together. That means you can ask for a second date when you've finished the first part of the game, and if you've shared the controller, then you might get a 'yes' to that question!

2 - Portal 2

Portal 2 is not just a fun video game to play with someone else, it's a great video game in general. The whole point of this game is to use your ingenuity and portal gun to solve puzzles. While you can definitely do this on your own, it's worth noting that this game is fun to play as a team. The game is not ultra-competitive, so nobody will get their feelings hurt. Also, the game is downright funny in some parts. Overall, it's worth loading this game to play with your partner on your first date. 

3 - Uncharted Series

If your date is more of an action-oriented person, then you can play the Uncharted series. This is an exciting game series that puts you in the shoes of Nathan Drake so you can go on adventures as a treasure hunter. Like Indiana Jones and Laura Croft, you end up going around guns blazing to kill off the bad guys. This is a fun series for people that are interested in shooter games and exploration, but you will have to be prepared to share the controller with your partner so you can each have a chance to enjoy it. All in all, it's not a bad game to play as long as you both have some idea of what you're doing. 

4 - Until Dawn

Not all your dates are going to look for a game that is bright and happy. Until Dawn is a title that is somehow even darker than The Walking Dead. This game is all about survival, and you will face some pretty grim circumstances while you're at it. The game is a single-player, but that doesn't mean you can't bring your partner along for some good fun. You can each take turns going through the atmospheric title but be prepared to have the wits scared out of you. This is a game that can be a little overwhelming to play for the first time, so make sure that your partner agrees to play this title before they come over.  

5 - Minecraft

The last game that you should try playing with your partner is Minecraft. The simple reason that this game is one of the best to play as a group is that you can build any kind of world that you want. Of course, that's just one of the most popular modes of the game. It's a really fun way to spend time with someone and build whatever comes into your mind. If you're both a fan of a major video game series, you can develop statues of characters, buildings that are similar or entire cities if you have the time and energy. There is also a survival mode and a new dungeon mode, so there is always something new to recharge people in other ways. Whether you have your partner bring over their computer or you sit back and play on the console version, there is so much to do in Minecraft that you'll never run out of exciting adventures. 

Playing a video game is not just a solo activity. It can be the basis of a great first date and many dates to come. When you play games with someone, you are sharing your interests and developing a relationship that bonds you over something you both enjoy. Take time to learn what your partner likes in video games, and you'll be bound to find new games that are interesting all the time. Just remember to balance games with the outside world, too. It might not be as much fun all the time, but trying new things is a good idea.

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