How Did Crossword Puzzles Arise?

By Staff Reporter , Updated Nov 04, 2020 11:59 AM EST
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Crossword puzzles are one of the world's most favorite and popular word games in the world. Even though the history behind this challenging game is pretty short. Crosswords started to appear in England in the 19th century. Initially, they were elementary, which imitated the word square. In the United States, however, crosswords were made more challenging to indulge in an adult audience.

The First Crossword Ever Published

Arthur Wynne from Liverpool is credited to be the first journalist to publish a crossword puzzle. It appeared on the 21st of December of 1913 in the Sunday newspaper of the New York World. The earlier puzzles were very different from what we are used to now. It used to be in the shape of a diamond and had no internal black squares. Other newspapers quickly picked up on the rising popularity of this interactive and challenging past-time and by the 1920s other newspapers started to jump on the bandwagon as well.

Within a decade of its first publishing, the crossword puzzle became the favorite past-time for adults all over the Atlantic. By this time, crossword puzzles had made its permanent spot in almost every newspaper in the States, Atlantic, and Europe. It was in this time; the crossword took the form we all are used to.

In the UK, the first known publication of a crossword puzzle was noted in Pearson's Magazine in the February edition of the year 1922. Where the first Times crossword appeared in the February edition of the year of 1930. British puzzles quickly made a mark of their own by becoming more challenging and creating a style of their own. Especially the cryptic puzzles, which became a cult favorite. The rules of these cryptic puzzles are accredited to A. F. Ritchie and D. S. Macnutt.

Crossword Enthusiasts Assemble

These gifted people who see the world in form of puzzles and patterns can make words dance to their tune. Millions of crossword puzzles are created every year, each one more challenging than the last one. Differentiating from each other through style enigma. To help beginners and experts complete these amazing and challenging tasks, the crossword dictionary and crossword clues play an important role.

These tools help players to up their game, by increasing their knowledge and pushing them in the right direction. The history of crossword puzzles might not be as long as one might have hoped for but, its legacy sure is at the top.  

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