5 Essential Tools for a Successful Dental Care Business this 2020

By Staff Reporter , Updated Nov 20, 2020 10:45 PM EST
5 Essential Tools for a Successful Dental Care Business this 2020
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Investing in the best-quality dental tools is vital for a dental care business. Not only would it go in the long run, but it also assures the patients that they will receive exceptional dental services. But, there's a different set of emerging tools that every dental clinic should have. 

If you are still pondering which tools I'm talking about? Well, I'm referring to software or digital tools that assist not only the dentistry industry but also commercial businesses. The purpose of these tools is to improve the quality of services, establish a strengthened business-to-consumer connection, and promote to potential clients.   

If you plan to open your own dental care clinic this 2020, we'll assist you in selecting the best tools by enumerating the essential software for your thriving business. 

1. Dental Practice Analytic Software

As a dental care clinic, you cater to numerous patients every day. Each day, old and new faces enter and exit your door. With that said, tracking their status would be difficult, especially when you're only using the manual recording method. But, with the help of dental practice analytic software, documenting and managing the patients' information would be fast and convenient. You may visit https://www.getweave.com/dental-practice-analytics/ to have one for your clinic.

The dental practice analytic software allows you and your staff to assess and evaluate your clinic's performance and services. This software lets you see the increase and decrease in the number of patients, which will help remediate the things that need improvement. 

Moreover, it shows data about the number of patients who set scheduled or rescheduled appointments and canceled appointments. More than that, the easy-to-read data that this software provides is beneficial to the clinic's success since they can quickly identify where to fill in the lacks and improve the strengths.

2. Text Messaging

As time fleets, the number of mobile phone users has increased in just a matter of years. Data shows that there are already 5 billion mobile phone users globally and continue to grow as the world advances. Now that the world is digitally maneuvered, you must adapt and utilize its power and influence for your business's benefit as a dental clinic owner.

Text messaging is one of the tools you can use to promote your service and reach current and potential clients. Your staff can use this tool in contacting patients regarding their appointments or updates about the new services you offer. Further, patients can now schedule or reschedule an appointment, and potential clients can contact you for more information. 

3. Review Management

Today, consumers are now pragmatic and wise about the product or services they plan to purchase or avail of. In fact, according to research, 84% of consumers rely on product reviews done online than word of mouth. With that said, having a review management software helps you collate, assess, and evaluate the reviews, which will be very useful for your clinic's improvements. 

Meanwhile, when your services satisfy your patients, they'll leave positive reviews on your clinic online. Significantly, it would heighten your business's morale and reach potential clients. Indeed, studies show that 72% of the consumers put their loyalty and trust to establishments that receive numerous positive reviews. 

4. Email (Electronic mail)

An email is the digital version of typical pen-written letters, which until now, has been used by most people, especially those who have businesses. This tool is an important messaging tool that functions similarly to text messaging but only done online. And, just like the purpose of text messaging, to notify the clients and mediates them whenever they have questions. 

Furthermore, it's vital for your clinic to have staff that effectively and efficiently respond to emails because this means that you can easily address their concerns and prevent unsettled issues (if there are) from getting further. 

5. Social Media Platforms

Like Facebook and Instagram, these social media platforms are tools that have become popular and influential for years. These platforms have helped both big and small enterprises worldwide in promoting their goods and services. Therefore, as a thriving business this 2020, setting up an account for your business on these online platforms.


Facebook now has almost 2.7 billion users after it was launched in 2004 by its creator Mark Zuckerberg. Throughout the years, Facebook has become more than just a photo and thought-sharing site. It has found its additional purpose: to create and dedicate a platform for the promotion and transaction of small-time and big-time enterprises. 


Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites that people from different walks of life access. It has 500 million daily users, which is an excellent number to highlight the goods and services. As a dental care service provider, you can use this photo and video-sharing site to showcase the modern dental technologies you use, like painless tooth extraction and laser treatment. 


Expanding your dental care clinic is like the tooth that grows after being extracted: it's tough and painful at first, but it becomes worthwhile after it reaches its limit. Moreover, when you foster your own clinic, you invest in tools that would allow you to perform operations efficiently for customer's satisfaction. In addition, don't forget to use software and digital tools; although these are intangible, it gives you visible beneficial outcomes. 

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