Call of Duty Pro's Top Tips To Defeat Opponents In Warzone Gulag

By Staff Reporter , Updated Feb 18, 2021 11:47 AM EST
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If you are a gamer and don't know the Call of Duty: Warzone, you must indeed be living under a rock. The release of Call of duty: Warzone left the gamers in awe. The adventurous wargame proved to be an exceptional feat for avid gamers and adventure-lovers. 

Are you a crazy fan of it? Great but hold on. Will you get to thrive and win the game against a sea of opponents? Do you even have the energy to survive? Even if you are passionate enough, it's not easy to cling to life in this rip-roaring game. You will surely need some pro tips and warzone aimbot to survive! Are you on the hunt for one? Then, important tips are as follows.      

With thrilling sounds and HD quality, you'll feel completely lost in that world, forgetting your part in this universe! But what happens if you die? Is it the end? NO! You are welcome to Warzone Gulag.

Warzone Gulag

One of Call of duty's fantastic features: warzone is that you can survive even after being shot dead for the first time. But not on the same battlefield. You'll be transported to Gulag, where you have to fight against another dead person to get your life back. This 1v1 war is more ferocious than you can imagine. If you lose, your teammates have to bring you back by spending $4500 in-game money, But, Wait! Why spend money when you can win the 1v1 battle? Here are some pro tips that will help you steel up yourself and emerge victorious in the fight.

 1. Never Stick To A Corner

Players think that it is wise to hide somewhere and wait for the prey. No! It isn't. Be cautious and be smart but don't just stand and wait for the opponent to begin the play. Make your move and be daring. Also, moving around the map can be the best option to confuse your opponent. Your opponent will try to predict your actions and will leave his position too. Then, you can perfectly plan to mow him down.  

2. Get To Know Your Loadouts

Weapons are the only thing that will save your life. To accomplish your goal of knocking out your opponent, you need weapons. Each season has a distinct weapon pool. So, having a better acquaintance with every gun will help you out quickly. Make sure you read out your loadouts as soon as the game begins. It will help you prepare better.     

3. Step Out And Take Risks In Tiebreakers

Keep in mind that you have only 40 seconds to win and get back to the battlefield. Remember, this is your last chance. If the 40 seconds end and nobody gets killed, then it's a tiebreaker, and both lose their lives. So, be wise and take the risk of cautiously stepping out or some other techniques to win over the opponent.       

4. Keep A Check On Your Health

You have only one last chance. So, it is crucial to be aware of your strength. Think smart and act fast but be vigilant. Never think it is cowardice to run for cover. Your goal is to remain safe and to kill the opponent. So, don't present your life as a cinch to the rival.      

5. Master The Maps

  As you lose your life on the battlefield, you will be deployed into the world of Gulag. And, you'll find yourself in a new surrounding among the three layouts. Yes! You are deployed to one among the three places. So, isn't it best to be aware of all three layouts? Check out about them, and then, you'll find yourself more confident and prepared to win the 1v1 battle.

6. Brush Up The Gunfight Multiplayer Game

The rules and most of the features of Gulag battle match the Gunfight Multiplayer game. So, simply practicing that one and having a grasp of gunfight's weapons would be highly fruitful in winning the 1v1 game.  

7. Wisely Handle Overtime State

  If you are in an overtime situation, you'll be stuck in a dilemma whether to take the flag or not. Wait and control your temptation to grab the flag and see if you could use it as bait or not. There is a chance that the other person would be thinking the same. So, awaken your shrewd skills, pay attention and add accordingly. 

Final Words

The world of Call of Duty: Warzone is no doubt thrilling, but once when you step into the Gulag world, you can witness the surge of adrenaline! Enjoy the thrill, and follow these experts' tips to wind-up the rival and get your life back. Shape up your skills and Go crazy! Leave a comment for any doubt and stay connected for more such updates. 

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