Coffee Gadgets and Accessories for your Coffee Time at Home

By Staff Reporter , Updated Mar 23, 2021 11:13 AM EDT
Coffee Gadgets and Accessories for your Coffee Time at Home
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It can be said that coffee brewing is an art, from where and when the beans were grown to when it ends up in your home, every little factor can influence the taste. Unsurprisingly there are a variety of gadgets available on the market to help make the process more convenient, preserve the freshness and the taste of the coffee and more. Today, we're going to cover extra accessories to make your coffee making experience more enjoyable.

For the Perfect Temperature

Coffee temperature may just be a personal preference for a hot brew like a latte, but it's a necessity for French press lovers. Water that's at a high temperature can ruin the coffee beans and create a bitterer brew. If that's your cup of tea, then maybe getting the degree right is less of a problem. However, we know plenty of coffee aficionados out there that need to get it just right.

If the latter sounds like you, then the perfect coffee thermometer is a much-needed accessory. With the help of this tool, you will be able to get accurate results almost immediately.

For the Perfect Grind

Speaking of French press lovers, it may also be time to replace your beloved grinder for a new one. There are plenty of French press coffee grinder reviews out there, so we won't bore you with the details. However, we will touch upon the important aspects to look for in the best bean grinder.

They key is to find one that grinds the beans evenly. What's so detrimental about coffee grounds that aren't the same size? The brewing rates will differ, which means the flavor release will be unbalanced and result in weak coffee.

For Milk-Based Drinks

If you are a lover of milk-based drinks like we are, then a milk frother is essential too your coffee brewing arsenal. A milk frother is great for hot brews like cappuccinos and lattes. For more coffee brewing ideas, check out the Provender Coffee Facebook Page.

What many people don't realize is milk frothers can produce cold foam too! Many models offer both warm and cold frothed milk by pressing a button.

For Drinking

Aside from creating the perfect cup of java, the actual drinking and enjoying the coffee is also a part of the process. Getting the temperature right, with the perfect amount of foam and the correct flavor release might all be in vain without a proper receptacle.

The right coffee mug that insulates or keeps the coffee cold will only make your experience more enjoyable. The key to the right coffee mug is temperature control. Whether it's for hot or cold beverages, preserving the temperature for as long as possible is the most important.

One other important thing to keep in mind is insulation. The mug or cup in question should be able to keep the temperature on the inside, but the exterior of the cup should still be room temperature.

For Brewing

Of course, what's a up of coffee without the right maker? There are tons of coffee makers on the market, but your best bet is to find a top rated affordable coffee maker. You don't want to push your budget when there are perfectly amazing ones at a much lower price.

The key to finding a good coffee maker is by paying attention to the size, temperatures available, any special features, if it's easy to clean, and of course, the price.

The size hinges on how much coffee you drink and how many cups a day you serve. The temperature will depend on the type of coffee you prefer. Any special features will affect the price, but that's something you can decide on your own. One thing we will say is a necessity is how easy the coffee maker is to clean.

You want it to be fairly simple to take apart and put back together. A coffee maker that isn't cleaned regularly can soil the taste and take away from the flavors.

For Storage

The coffee beans are what coffee making is all about. When you're all done, you want a method to preserve and prolong the freshness and flavors of the beans for as long as possible. To do this, a vacuum-sealed container is best. Of course, just your run of the mill grocery store bought beans or pre-ground beans may not need this much attention.

However, Kopi Luwaks and other exotic and hard-to-get coffees will need better storage. Glass is known not to tamper with the taste of the beans and tightly sealed jars are the preferred way to keep beans and grounds.

It's not only about the jar, but where you store the contents as well. Always try to store your coffee in a cool and dry place.

For Sipping

If you like to drink your brews out of a straw, then make sure to find ones that are heat resistant. There are silicone and stainless steel options available, but keep in mind that stainless steel can retain heat, so they are better suited for cold drinks. Not to mention, silicone straws can come in many bright and fun colors.

Make sure the clean the inside of the straw well. No one likes coffee residue on the inside impacting the taste of your coffee. Most straws available for purchase comes with a cleaner brush.


There are so many different items and accessories you can add to your kitchen to help elevate your morning cup of coffee. From espresso lovers, drip coffee aficionados or French press advocates, you can all benefit form helpful gadgets. What you purchase for your coffee making process should enhance the process.

From sourcing the beans, grinding them, to the brewing process and then to the drinking, you can find a nifty tool for almost anything. What we do put emphasis on are the larger accessories such as the brewer, grinder, storage container and mug as we believe they are the most crucial parts to creating a beverage masterpiece.

If you need more ideas related to coffee making, visit Provender Coffee's Youtube Channel for more ideas.


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